Our mission is to help you become your personal best, by offering state-of-the-art laser hair removal, performed by licensed medical and nursing professionals, with uncompromising concern for your comfort and safety. We continue to pioneer and research, establishing the industry standards for non-invasive full body laser hair removal procedures. We are passionate about encouraging high standards of medical and nursing training, establishing ethical practices and employing medical and nursing staff that exhibit a comforting bedside manner. Ideal Image is always at the forefront of the latest advancements in the industry. As new technology and procedures evolve, we are there to evaluate them, tediously scrutinizing them for safety, reliability and results. Only if new FDA cleared equipment or procedures meet our impeccable standards, will they be made available in our laser hair removal treatment centers.

From celebrities, to bankers and moms, Ideal Image meets the needs of the most discriminating client. With the ultimate goal of pleasing our customers by producing desired results, we provide a level of quality service unequaled elsewhere. Meanwhile, we are continually pushing those standards to a higher limit. We are available to answer your questions and discuss how laser hair removal helps enhance your natural look and gives your skin a softer feel. Let us help you today, by reserving an appointment for a Complimentary "Ideal Image" Consultation.

Our Beginnings: The idea was simple and innovative; provide a luxurious, but professional atmosphere for offering full body laser hair removal and skin renewal services exclusively. The goal was to embrace an aesthetic approach to medical procedures that were currently being performed in sterile medical offices. The founders of Ideal Image extensively researched and sought the advice of various laser manufacturers as well as known experts in the field of laser procedures. After an exhaustive effort of time and study, they carefully planned and meticulously implemented a complete systems model for Laser Hair Removal and Skin Renewal services, thus meeting the high aesthetic and professional standards conceived for their venture. Today, innovations at Ideal Image are unmatched in the industry.

The Future: Over the past 10-years the Ideal Image brand has grown to become a household name. Our laser hair removal centers are opening throughout the USA at a rate that makes us the fastest growing laser hair removal company in the world.



International Aesthetic and Laser Association LogoThe International Aesthetic and Laser Association(IALA)was formed in 2008 and is the largest nonprofit professional association of its kind today. IALA members currently deliver more than two million laser hair removal procedures annually. IALA membership includes medical providers, and business owners and operators of more than 500 centers in 42 states. IALA members are committed to delivering laser hair removal safely and effectively using the best technology and best trained people, who follow tried and tested protocols. Visit IALA online: www.internationallaserassociation.org