5 ways to make time for fitness

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Sometimes, finding the time to accomplish your normal everyday responsibilities can be a hassle. Between going to work, cooking dinner and doing the laundry, working out can seem like an impossible task to accomplish after a long day. Don’t stress, though. There are ways to make room for fitness in your hectic routine! Here are five realistic approaches to sneaking a workout into your busy schedule.

1. Start your day earlier
If you wish there were more hours in the day, you’re not alone. According to Women’s Health magazine, the most common excuse women use for skipping their workout routine is the lack of time in the day. Fortunately, there are ways to take advantage of having more time, such as waking up earlier. If you’re not a morning person, consider wearing your gym clothes to sleep. This is a great way to motivate yourself to get up and go, crossing fitness off your to-do list early in the day.

2. Bike or walk to work
If it’s possible, turn your commute into an exercise routine by biking or walking to work. This is an easy way to kill two birds with one stone. If you can’t commute to work on foot, Fitness magazine suggested getting off your bus at an earlier stop or parking further away from your office to increase the amount of walking you can do in the day.

Take advantage of commuting to work with your bicycle if it's possible.Take advantage of commuting to work with your bicycle if it’s possible.

3. Utilize your down time
Take advantage of your work break and head to the gym! If you eat your lunch at your desk while you’re working, you can dedicate your entire break to getting physical. Don’t want to spend your lunch break sweating? Active recommends simply taking the stairs to get around your office building instead of using the elevator.

Working out doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym or use equipment. It’s easy to maximize your downtime no matter where you are. There are plenty high intensity training workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home, such as burpees, jumping jacks and high knees.

4. Workout with others
If you’re seeking a little motivation, try working out with one of your friends. Make a commitment to meet up at the gym at a certain time of the day. By blocking off a time to get together for fitness, you’ll both be motivated not to let each other down. Another great way to make sure you don’t skip the gym is by scheduling your workouts. Sign you and your friend up for a fitness class such as yoga or spinning. This is a great way to turn working out into an obligation.

“20 minutes a day can go a long way.”

5. Give yourself 20 minutes
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said adults 18 to 64 years old need about 150 minutes of moderately intense aerobic activity and two days dedicated to muscle-strengthening activities during the week to stay healthy. When you divide it up, that’s only about 20 minutes of exercise every day. Don’t assume you need to dedicate a full hour to your workout.  A little effort goes a long way!

Take another route
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