6 Tips for Feeling Bikini Confident

Young woman on beach in bikini jumping

Summer is the time of year many of us look forward to — school is out, vacations are on the horizon and summer Fridays are finally here (if you’re lucky!). Despite all the sunshine this season brings, some dread the warmer bikini weather because our summer bods are still in the works. We‘ve all been there. Here are a couple tips to feel instantly more confident in your own skin.

  • Smoother Skin with Laser Hair Removal: Imagine cutting your shower time in half while sporting smooth skin all season long. Win-win, right? If you haven‘t given laser hair removal a try yet, what are you waiting for? It destroys hair follicles in a matter of minutes with minimal discomfort. From underarms to bikini treatments (bikini line, bikini full or the “Ideal Bikini” aka full Brazilian),  you have many options to choose from to suit your needs and budget. Get ready for a game-changer in your summer routine!
  • Spritz on Summertime: With the rising temps, it’s essential to look, feel and smell your best even when humidity says otherwise. Stock up on travel sizes of your favorite summertime scents and keep one stored in your purse for on-the-go refreshers. Better yet, find a fragrance mist with shimmer to accentuate your sun-kissed glow!
  • Banish Bloat-Causing Foods: No need to overhaul your diet this time of year. Instead,  be more conscious of the foods you consume and how they make you feel. Cut back on foods that are high in sugar, sodium and fiber especially a couple days before a special event. If you are feeling extra puffy, consume foods high in potassium like bananas, spinach and salmon, which are known to de-bloat. Also, make sure you are consuming enough H2O. Hydration is key!
  • Target Problem Areas with CoolSculpting®: So you ate healthy all winter long, visited the gym 3-4 times a week and cut back on carbs, but you are still struggling to slim down in certain areas like your midsection. Don’t let that get you down. Celebrate your progress and know there are treatments like CoolSculpting that can help sculpt those areas that you wish were a bit trimmer. This FDA-approved procedure uses patented cooling technology to eliminate fat cells, without surgery, and little to no recovery time.
  • Play Up Your Accessories: When it comes to accessorizing in the summer months, nothing is off limits. Whether you are going to the beach, an outdoor concert or family outing in the park, elevate your look with easy breezy pieces that you can grab and go. We never leave the house without our favorite pair of sunnies, trendy yet functional hat, and a fashion-forward scarf that can be worn many ways.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to wear SPF on the daily — even if you don’t plan on being outside — you still need protection.