7 skin care tips for men

young man applying cream to face, looking in mirror

It’s common to assume that women spend more time grooming and taking care of their skin than men do. However, it’s just as important for males to pay attention to their complexions. No matter your gender, every person should practice a skin care regimen that keeps their skin healthy and nourished. A skin care strategy for men isn’t much different from a woman’s, but there are a still a few distinctions to be aware of.

Here are a few skin care tips men should consider implementing into their daily routine for a flawless complexion.

1. Understand your skin type
Don’t just run to the store and scoop up the first cleanser you set your eyes on. Before making a skin care purchase, it’s important to know your skin type.

“Pay attention to your skin type when choosing a cleanser.”

“When it comes to skincare, the biggest difference between men and women is increased levels of testosterone in men, causing an increase in oil production making men’s skin oilier and their pores larger,” dermatologist Dr. Monte Meltzer told men’s blog Every Joe.

Understanding your skin type is crucial before diving in to skin care. You have oily skin if your face tends to be shiny by midday. This type is prone to clogged pores and moderate breakouts. On the opposite spectrum, dry skin tends to feel tight and becomes flaky early in the day. A combination of the two is also possible, so just make certain you’re paying attention to how your skin reacts to everyday life before making any purchases.

2. Don’t buy cheap razors
Shaving can take a toll on the complexion in the first place, but using a cheap razor can only make matters worse, according to The Huffington Post. In an interview with the site, barber Thomas Cheung suggested choosing your weapon wisely.

“A quality razor can be a lifetime item,” he said. “Choose a razor that fits your skin sensitivity and beard coarseness, your face will thank you,” he said.

He went on to add that opting for a cheap razor with several blades can increase your chance of getting razor burn and ingrown hairs due to the extra blades pulling the hairs deep below the skin. Consider splurging when it comes to your razor – your complexion will appreciate it in the future.

It's important to pay attention to exactly how you're shaving to keep your complexion smooth. It’s important to pay attention to exactly how you’re shaving to keep your complexion smooth.

3. Never shave against the grain
Dr. Ian Landells, a dermatologist with the Canadian Dermatology Association, sat down with Reader’s Digest’s Best Health magazine and shared a few men’s skin care tips. He told the source that the No. 1 mistake men make when shaving is going against the grain.

“Most men shave against the direction of hair growth, because they get a closer shave,” he said. “But at the same time, the blade often nicks the buried surface of the hair follicle and creates inflammation.”

“Aftershave is used to prevent infections.”

To make the most of your complexion, always shave in the direction that feels smooth as you glide across your face.

4. Always use after-shave
According to Health Guidance, aftershave is used to prevent infections from forming in cuts that may have happened from shaving. The solution contains alcohol, which acts as an antiseptic element to clean out the skin after shaving. To combat the effects of drying out your skin due to the alcohol, consider investing in aftershave that contains moisturizer. It’ll help smooth out the skin and keeps it moist, providing a well-kept complexion.

5. Apply sunscreen often
Sunscreen isn’t only for the days you’re spending on the beach. In fact, you should be applying it every day, according to The Huffington Post. If you’re not applying sunscreen every time you leave your house, you’re increasing your chance of getting sun damage, which may cause redness and irritation and premature aging and may possibly even lead to skin cancer. Protect your skin by applying sunscreen and your complexion will stay clear, fresh and young-looking.

You should always apply sunscreen, but you should especially do so if you're spending hours outdoors. You should always apply sunscreen, but you should especially do so if you’re spending hours outdoors.

6. Don’t forget to moisturize
If your aftershave doesn’t have moisturizer in it, consider making that the next step in your skin care regimen. According to Discover Good Nutrition, applying a moisturizer can help restore your skin back to its normal, healthy amount of moisture. If you can find a moisturizer with SPF 30 or higher, you’re all set, because it can act as a sunscreen too.

According to Health magazine, smoking doesn’t only have a huge impact on the health of your lungs. It also make a difference in your appearance, regardless of your gender. It can increase the chance of wrinkles forming, premature aging and bags appearing under your eyes. It can also diminish the natural glow in your complexion, so consider revaluating your bad habits and quit smoking for good. It’ll benefit your health in a number of ways – skin included.