8 ways to boost your confidence

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With high self-esteem, you can do just about anything. Whether it’s acing that test, killing it at a job interview or impressing your new significant other’s parents, confidence can make the most intimidating tasks easy as pie.

Feeling down in the dumps lately? Don’t worry – here are 10 ways to can boost your self-esteem and show the world who’s boss:

1. Remove negativity from your life
When you surround yourself with people who put you down, your confidence is likely to falter. Do yourself a favor and remove the negativity from your life, advised Inc. magazine. Focus on your happiness and channel positive thoughts.

2. Perfect your skin care routine
When taking care of your skin becomes a part of your daily routine, your blemishes start to fade. This, in turn, can give you an instant boost of confidence. Make it a point to cleanse and moisturize in the morning and at night, and exfoliate at least once a week.

Take caring of your skin can help boost your confidence.Taking care of your skin can help boost your confidence.

3. Workout more often
Exercising is a great way to build confidence, boost energy and improve your overall attitude and mood, according to Forbes. This is because working out produces endorphins, the “feel good” chemicals in your brain. Start dedicating five days of the week to getting fit for at least 30 minutes. You’ll surely see improvements in your physique, which will ultimately boost your confidence.

4. Refrain from junk food
By eating a healthy diet, you produce serotonin – another “feel good” chemical – in the gut. Processed foods and refined sugars do the opposite – they promote bad feelings. When you eat healthy, you’ll likely see a boost in your confidence, so refrain from junk food.

5. Stop comparing yourself to others
The media is always encouraging an impossible image to achieve. Do yourself a favor and ignore it. When you stop trying to compare yourself to others, you can focus on your own goals and figure out how you can be your best self.

“With time, you’ll learn to be fearless.”

6. Recognize fear and conquer it
It’s normal to be fearful of something, but it’s only going to hold your confidence back if you refuse to confront it. The Huffington Post said acknowledging and addressing your fears can ultimately help you conquer them. It’s not going to happen overnight, but with time, you’ll learn to be fearless.

7. Appreciate your accomplishments
By acknowledging the achievements you’ve made, you’re reminding yourself how strong and confident you can be. Create a list of accomplishments to revisit when you’re feeling down. Motivational speaker Jack Canfield told the Post self-appreciation helps you set more goals.

“Self-acknowledgment and appreciation are what give you the insights and awareness to move forward toward higher goals and accomplishments,” he said.

Carry around a journal to write down your accomplishments as you achieve them.

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