9 beauty myths you need to stop believing

young woman in bathrobe looking into mirror

You follow a beauty regimen based on all the tips your mom passed down to you. But are you sure it was good advice? Don’t be worried – we highlighted nine of the most common beauty myths you need to stop believing:

1. You need to cut your cuticles to have healthy nails
Cutting your cuticles – especially at a salon – can actually lead to infection and build up scar tissue at the base of your nail, according to lifestyle blog Hello Giggles.

2. Blackheads are dirt buildup
Blackheads are not the result of dirt buildup in your pores. They’re caused by your hormones, just like the rest of your acne. Instead of trying to scrub them off your face with your normal cleanser, consider an exfoliating salicylic acid cream.

Avoiding blackheads isn't as simple as you think.Avoiding blackheads isn’t as simple as you think.

3.  Lightening your hair with lemon juice is a good idea
Looking for a quick way to lighten your hair in the sun? Steer clear of this myth. Lemon juice can actually strip your hair of its natural oils if used frequently.

4. Washing your hair everyday is a must
Washing your hair every day will also remove the essential oils from your scalp. Worried about looking too greasy to go out in public? Remember: Dry shampoo is your best friend.

5. Shaving makes your hair grow in thicker
According to StyleCaster, shaving doesn’t affect your hair follicle or control the way it grows. Hair is concentrated at the base, so it will always look like it’s growing in thicker.

“The size of your pores is determined by genetics.”

6. You can shrink your pores
The size of your pores is determined by genetics and therefore cannot be changed. But you can make them appear smaller with the right skin care regimen.

7. You only need moisturizer when your skin is dry
Moisturizing is a must whether your skin is oily or dry. It keeps your complexion hydrated, protected and clear.

8. Toothpaste makes a great spot treatment
Toothpaste is made with ingredients that will indeed dry up your skin, but it can cause irritation, redness, peeling and possibly more acne. Stick to a product that was made to eliminate those pimples.

9. Sleeping with your makeup on is no big deal
Keeping your makeup on throughout the night encourages bacterial growth in your pores, which can irritate the skin and cause blemishes. Make it a habit to remove your foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lipwear every night before bed.

Cutting these habits from your beauty regimen will help you look and feel more confident with ease.