Cold weather beauty tips

young woman pulling sweater up over face

Whether you like it or not, winter is less than two months away and colder temperatures are creeping by the minute. That means bundling up in layers of cozy clothing, sipping dozens of hot cocoas and switching up your usual skin care and makeup routine. Because crisp weather is prone to drying out your complexion, you’ll need to show it some extra attention as the cold rolls in.

But don’t worry – it’s simple. Just take these skin care and makeup tips into consideration:

Skin care tips

Exfoliate your complexion
As mentioned earlier, your skin is likely to dry out during the winter. Exfoliating it will eliminate those old skin cells and make way for new ones to create a smooth, supple complexion, dermatologist Dr. Elma Baron explained to She Knows.

Exfoliating removes all of the dead skin cells and makes room for new, healthy ones.Exfoliating removes all of the dead skin cells and makes room for new, healthy ones.

“It’s smoother because you’re removing the (sic) dead layer on the surface and bringing out the new cells,” she said.

Exfoliating throughout the chilly season is key for a healthy, youthful complexion.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!
You know that moisturizing is always important, but it’s crucial during the winter – for obvious reasons. Make it a point to moisturize your face after cleansing, both in the morning and at night.

Keep using sunscreen
Just because the sun’s not shining as brightly, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be loading on the SPF. UV rays are just as harmful during the winter months, according to The Huffington Post. Make sure to apply moisturizing sunscreen with at least SPF 30 every day to fully protect your skin.

Makeup tips

Prime your face
Because your eyes are likely to water up in freezing temperatures, you’ll want to prepare your makeup for the tears. Prevention magazine suggested priming your eyelids and complexion with face powder. This will absorb the excess oil that often makes makeup smudge when it runs.

For the same reasons, be sure to wear eye makeup that’s built with long-lasting formula. This includes eyeliner, mascara and shadows. You may even want to consider waterproof, just to be safe.

Stick to products with long-lasting formulas.Stick to products with long-lasting formulas.

Change up your foundation
Face it: You won’t be spending your free time bathing in the sun during the winter months. That means your impressive summer glow is likely to fade and you’ll need to change up the tone of your foundation. Consider a hue that’s one shade lighter than your natural tone if you plan on wearing bronzer or blush.

Disguise your pale cheeks
If your flawless complexion leaves you feeling no need to wear foundation, that’s great. But you’ll still want to give your pale cheeks some life. The Huffington Post suggested combining your favorite blush and bronzer to give your complexion the radiant glow it needs to survive this winter.

If you don’t usually carry blush, you can substitute the stuff with red lipstick, according to the beauty advice Frieda & Nellie production assistant Deborah Ni shared.

“I had a phase when I went crazy for red lipsticks, so I have all of these half tubes leftover, and of course, I won’t throw them away,” she said. “I started using them for blush. I put a smudge [of red lipstick] on the apple of my cheek with my finger, go around in a circle and maybe tap it a few times. Then I brush on the bronzer.”

Remember to find a shade of blush that complements the tone of your skin. For fair skin, stick to baby pink. Medium tones work well with apricot shades. Olive tones are accentuated by rose and dark skin relies on bold, pigmented shades like raisin.