How to get your hottest Valentine’s Day look

red lips

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. And whether you’re going out to dinner with your SO or the two of you have a hot date night in planned, you’ll want to look your absolute best for the special occasion. Not sure where to get started? Have no fear – with this guide, you can get the makeover that’ll turn heads on this cutesy holiday:

Eliminate the excess weight
Even if you’ve been eating well and exercising regularly to prepare for Valentine’s Day, you may still find yourself struggling to lose those extra pounds. Ditching stubborn fat isn’t always simple, but CoolSculpting® makes it easy. This FDA-cleared, non-invasive treatment targets fat cells beneath the skin, freezing them and decreasing their existence. Now’s the perfect time to consider this solution.

Remove unwanted hair
Want to ensure your skin is smooth and supple the second you slide into bed with your SO? You might think shaving is the best way to do so, but we beg to differ. With laser hair removal, you can say hello to sexy, soft skin and goodbye to surprise stubble and irritation. What’s best? The treatment generally only takes about 30 minutes, so you could technically schedule your appointment the morning of your date.

Ensure your legs stay smooth and sexy by getting a laser hair treatment.Ensure your legs stay smooth and sexy by getting a laser hair treatment.

Plump up your pout with injectables
Capping the night with the perfect kiss will turn your Valentine’s Day into an unforgettable one. Want to make your lips look absolutely irresistible to your hot date? Try an injectable treatment. It’ll restore the volume you’ve lost in your lips or simply make them look fuller than ever before.

Give yourself a revitalizing facial
Once you’ve given your pout some attention, make sure you show your complexion some TLC. After your normal cleansing regimen – and as long as your skin isn’t super sensitive – give yourself a revitalizing facial the morning of your date. If you’re lacking a product, or don’t feel like making an appointment with the dermatologist or beauty spa, you can try one of these homemade treatments courtesy of Self magazine. Each one uses healthy ingredients that are likely already in your pantry.

“BBL™ therapy can reduce the appearance of damage.”

If your complexion needs more attention than a face mask can provide, consider BBL™ BroadBand Light therapy. This treatment can reduce the appearance of damage caused by sun exposure, harsh cleansers and the natural aging process, so your skin can look youthful and healthy for your big date.

Make an appointment with your hair stylist
When was the last time you let someone else play with your hair for a special occasion? Instead of sitting in front of your mirror and attempting a new hairstyle, let a professional take care of you. For the perfect Valentine’s Day look, you can try a classic style, like bouncy waves or curls, or you can go for something different. Cosmopolitan magazine recommended a bombshell braid, sexy side bun or a French twist.

Treat yourself to a new outfit
You may be inclined to shuffle through dresses in your closet, but that’ll only make a mess and give you a headache. This Valentine’s Day, you deserve to treat yourself to a new look that’ll make your SO’s jaw drop. Red is certainly a popular color for the holiday, but that doesn’t necessarily make it your only choice. Choose a shade that brings out the color of your eyes, or consider a hue that your date loves. That’ll really increase the attraction factor.

Also, don’t assume you have to wear a dress. A flowing skirt and blouse or a classy pant suit can make a sophisticated impression.

Create a romantic smoky eye look
Smoky eyes make the perfect look for a date night, but only when you do it right. As POPSUGAR stated, you’ll want something that’s smudged enough without looking like you got punched in the eye. Getting the right look is fairly simple: just apply kohl eyeliner to your top and bottom lashes. Then, use a makeup blender to smear it. Apply taupe eyeshadow on your lids and use a brush to blend the shade.

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