Ideal Image Reaches Over 2 Million Laser Hair Removal Treatment Sessions

Ideal Image has performed over 2.5 million laser hair removal treatments nationwide, and is the only hair removal company in the United States dedicated exclusively to laser hair removal. Top executives at Ideal Image comment on the successes behind reaching the 2.5 million treatment marker, and discuss how this exclusive milestone plays into their plans for the future.

Ideal Image, a nationwide leader in providing laser hair removal services, has completed over 2.5 million laser hair removal treatment sessions.

“We are all very proud of the Ideal Image team, who for over the past 9 years has provided the highest level of service to our Guests” states Joseph Acebal, Co-Founder and Co-CEO. “The original and continued vision for this company is to be the premier laser hair removal provider in the world, and achieving over 2.5 million laser hair removal treatments is a testament to succeeding that goal. We thank the tens of thousands of Guests who have entrusted Ideal Image to help “Change Your Life Forever”, which is the Company’s motto, as we have helped our Guests feel confident about themselves and provide daily convenience in their lives.”

Ideal Image, a Tampa based laser hair removal company, currently has 65 locations across the country with plans for continued expansion. The company opened their first center in 2001 with an idea that was simple yet innovative: provide a contemporary but professional atmosphere where people can feel comfortable and confident receiving laser hair removal services. Over the past decade, the company has been able to replicate this model in 18 states.

Rick Mikles, Co-Founder and Co-CEO states, “we are incredibly excited about achieving the 2.5 million treatment milestone. Ideal Image is the only nationwide company dedicated exclusively to laser hair removal and the largest of its kind in the world. This accomplishment, along with our ongoing laser hair removal research and marketing efforts to educate the public, solidifies our leadership position in the industry.”

Ideal Image offers services for such areas as the bikini, facial hair, body hair, underarm hair and leg hair. Ideal image uses state-of-the-art lasers and all treatments are performed only by medical & nursing professionals (e.g. Registered Nurses, Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners).

“Our Treatment Providers are the backbone of this company” states Garrett Gause, M.D., Director of Medical Affairs. “They work tirelessly to ensure that each Guest receives the ultimate results. Reaching the 2.5 million treatment marker is a huge achievement attributed to all of their hard work and dedication to this great company”.

Ideal Image is passionate about encouraging high standards of medical training, establishing ethical practices and employing medical staff that exhibits a comforting bedside manner. Ideal Image is always at the forefront of the latest advancements in the laser hair removal industry. As new technology and procedures evolve, Ideal Image is there to evaluate them, tediously scrutinizing them for safety, reliability and results. Only FDA approved laser equipment that meet industry standards are used in the centers.

Misty Spencer, Director of Corporate Centers, states “our employees, who work as a team and come together as a family, have made this great achievement possible. We look forward to providing many more treatment sessions as Ideal Image continues to expand and help thousands more current and future Guests “Change Your Life Forever”.

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