Outdoor workouts you can do with a partner

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We all know that we need regular exercise to keep our bodies looking and feeling their best. As the days get colder and the sunlight gets shorter, however, it becomes harder to find the motivation we need to get up and moving. When it’s dark by 6 p.m., cozy couches can seem a lot more inviting then packing up to head to the gym!

Working out with a friend can be a great way to help you stay committed to maintaining your exercise routine. Working out with a friend outside can improve your regime even more – it’ll help you stave off cabin fever and enjoy the conditions outside before the snow starts flying for winter!

“Working out with a friend outside can improve your regime.”

Grab a buddy who will help keep you focused and committed and make a plan to meet a few days a week for some outdoor partner workouts. Take advantage of the sunlight and exercise during your lunch break or get up early on the weekends to start your days energized.

Here are a few activities to incorporate into your routines:

1. Wheelbarrow pushups

Tired of the same, boring push-up routine? When you have a partner, you can mix it up and incorporate wheelbarrow pushups, according to exercise.com. Push-ups are the most effective when you keep your back in alignment and hold the correct form from start to finish, which can be hard to gauge on your own. When a partner helps, you can keep the right structure that will help you make the most out of your work out and prevent injuries.

To start, one person gets in a push up position. Hands should be on the ground, shoulder width apart, and legs should be fully extended. The spine should be straight and parallel to the ground while the person keeps the heels up and toes on the ground.

Then, the partner picks up the push up person’s feet at the ankles. The person on the ground then does push ups, targeting the muscles in the chest and arms. The holding partner can add more to his or her own workout by doing a deep squat with each push up the partner does. Repeat for 12 to 15 reps before switching roles. Complete three full cycles for each person.

2. Leapfrog burpee

​Burpees are a fabulous exercise that helps work mutliple systems in your body without the need for any extra equipment, making it easy to do them anywhere. Get nostaligic for childhood games when you incorporate burpees into a game of leapfrog with your work out partner, as recommended by Fitness Magazine.

Start by having one person crouch and tuck into a ball. The other partner then jumps over the crouched person. After landing, complete a burpee – get into a high plank/push up position with hands on the ground, arms straight and shoulder-width apart. Start in a crouched position with the feet close to the hands, then kick them straight back and extend fully. Pull the feet back in towards the hands and then jump up, then return to a crouch upon landing. The partner then jumps over the crouched person and repeats the process.

To add an extra level of exercise, do a push-up in the middle of the burpee after you kick your legs out, before you do your jump.

Working out with a friend can keep you motivated.Working out with a friend can keep you motivated.

3. Medicine ball sit-up pass

This exercise is best done with equipment like a medicine ball, but if you don’t have one, bringing a heavy book or another household object with some weight will work just as well! Each partner lays in a sit-up position facing each other. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground, about 1 to 1.5 feet from your tailbone, according to LiveStrong.com. Hold the medicine ball or its substitute in your hands and do a sit-up by bending at the waist and leaning your chest forward towards your knees. Pass the ball off to your partner, who does a sit up to meet you. Both of you then lie back down, and then repeat the sit-up with your partner passing the ball back to you. Be sure to keep your core muscles tight to make the most of this exercise.

As with any physical activity, be sure to research the exercise you want to do to ensure you’re doing it correctly to prevent injury. Getting outside to enjoy the fresh air and working with a partner will be a great way to stay in shape and keep you motivated to stay on track!