The Top 5 Beauty Trends to Try this Fall

woman applying makeup

Oh, the wondrous season of fall. The time of year for dressing in cozy layers, sipping pumpkin spiced lattes and adventuring to the orchard for a round of apple picking. It’s also an opportunity to revamp your daily beauty routine, and plenty of gorgeous new makeup trends have surfaced this year. Here are a few fall beauty fads to get behind this season:

1. Two-toned lips
Have you ever considered painting your top lip slightly lighter than the bottom? Good Housekeeping magazine said two-toned lips are totally in this fall. For a more natural, worn-in look, use lip stains in similar shades, or simply apply more layers to your bottom lip for a darker look.

2. Lots of liner
If your go-to eyeliner move is to shape your top lid and leave the bottom alone – or vice versa – it’s time to switch things up. Glamour magazine said lining your eyes all the way around with liner is trendy this season. Add a sharp wing to the crease to make an even bolder statement.

Apply liner all the way around your eyes this season.Apply liner all the way around your eyes this season.

3. Metallic accents
Whether you’re juxtaposing thick black liner with golden eyeshadow or shining bright light a diamond with highlighter on your cheek bones, metallic accents are making an impression this fall. It’s the perfect trend to follow if you’re not particularly ready to say goodbye to summer, as shimmering accents can give off a realistic glow when applied properly.

4. Cold weather cheeks
If metallic cheeks aren’t quite your style, a dusting of blush that resembles the natural rosy tone caused by cooler temperatures makes an organic beauty look. Apply a touch of extra blush to your cheekbones with a matte lip and swipe of mascara for the ultimate natural look this fall.

5. Powder blue shadow
Another bold and beautiful statement can be made with powder blue eye shadow this season. It’s brings a cool tone to the eyes, one that’s ready to welcome winter with open arms. To go beyond the typical application of shadow, Glamour magazine suggested applying powder blue shadow or liner above the crease of the eye in graphic shapes to allude “floating eyeliner.” It’s a bold look that’s turning heads on the runway.

No matter which makeup trends you choose to follow this season, we hope these looks have inspired you to mix things up and flaunt your beauty in an entirely new way this fall. If you need more assistance looking and feeling your best, schedule your free consultation at Ideal Image today.