This is what stressing about taxes does to your skin

girl with laptop and hand on face looking tired

Whether you’re e-filing or sending them via snail mail, your taxes are due in just a few weeks. No matter how much you prepare, it always seems to be a frantic sprint to organize your W-2s for your accountant – or (gulp!) if you’re doing it on your own. That stress can age you fast! While one month of stress won’t create long-term effects, you can try procedures that will keep you looking relaxed all year round.

Squinting leads to crow’s feet
Staring at a computer screen doing taxes can cause you to squint. That is doubly bad for you: Squinting at a bright computer screen, you may be straining your eyes – and you may be giving yourself crow’s feet. Skin around the eyes gets thinner as we age and loses elasticity, leading to these telling fine lines around the eyes. To fight these lines, you can receive Botox®. This injectable targets muscles under the skin to minimize contractions. As a result, you can prevent your crow’s feet from becoming more pronounced.

Botox® may also be able to ease the notch between your eyebrows. Wrinkles can form here, according to Fox 21 News, because we scowl if we’re concentrating. (And if you run into issues filing taxes, you’ll be scowling a lot.) This injectable can smooth the muscles of your forehead and prevent new wrinkles from forming and keep you looking and feeling your best. The University of California advised that patients who receive Botox not massage the muscles of the forehead to prevent the injection from moving to other muscles. It also recommended patients avoid exercise immediately after receiving an injection.

A volume injectable can help combat the look of pursed lips.A volume injectable can help combat the look of pursed lips.

Pursed lips can lead to fine lines
Do you purse your lips when you’re deep in concentration? You’ll likely be doing a lot of lip pursing this year. This habit, prolonged over decades, can lead to top lip wrinkles. Prevention magazine suggested finding products that contain collagen, which can make your skin look fuller and more youthful. You can also try a volume enhancer like JUVÉDERM®. This uses hyaluronic acid, which is naturally produced by your body, that can return plumpness to your lips after just one session. You can see prolonged results up to one year after the first injection.

To keep your lips looking their best, take a look at how much coffee you’re drinking. You may need several cups to get you through the day – but if you’re not balancing out your caffeine consumption with H2O, you’re dehydrating your skin. That can leave your lips looking parched. Chapped, dry lips can also age you. So make sure to sip on water during the day.

You can also use this injectable on other areas of your face that might need a volume boost. As you age, you can develop nasolabial folds around your mouth – otherwise known as laughter lines. You’ll definitely be smiling when your taxes are done – and your refund comes in the mail! You can also put your refund toward receiving Juvederm to return plumpness and volume to your cheeks. Everyone else will ask how you managed to get through tax season without breaking a sweat!

Preparing your yearly taxes is a form of acute stress – once mid-April passes, those stressors also pass. However, experiencing cases of acute stress can still can cause these signs of aging. That can keep you from looking and feeling your best. You need a way to erase these lines all year round. Schedule a free consultation with Ideal Image to learn how you can smooth out these stress lines!