Tips to take the best no-makeup selfie – just like the celebrities!

young woman taking selfie

Celebrities like Adriana Lima and Demi Lovato are embracing the newest trend when it comes to taking the best selfies: they’re going bare-faced in their photos. The no-makeup selfie is sweeping the internet and showing that women don’t need makeup to look and feel their best. We agree! The next time you’re out for lunch with your friends or having a spa day at home, you’ve got to try these tricks for a no-makeup selfie that could rival Kendall Jenner!

Work your angles
The classic selfie is usually with you, the subject, looking straight into the camera from about shoulder height. Feel free to mix it up! Photographers rely on the “rule of thirds” when setting up a photo – dividing it into three equal sections – to make it more enticing to viewers. You can place yourself in the corner of the photo or put yourself dead center. Don’t be afraid to experiment with how far away the camera is, too. Use the ubiquitous selfie stick to hold the phone above you to take a group shot – it will help you avoid the dreaded double chin that comes with craning your neck down. One of our favorite secrets to banish a double chin is a Kybella®! Kybella® is an injectable that helps melt away excess fat in the chin area.

Show off your passions
Nervous about shooting a no-makeup selfie? Go bare-faced while doing something you enjoy. Beach lovers can take a page from Sofia Vergara and take a relaxing break by the ocean – or the pool – and feel calmer. Book lovers can show off their latest club read while also snapping a photo of their freshly-washed face like Cameron Diaz did when showcasing her new book. Try to get natural light to set the scene, as it is less likely to wash you out, compared to artificial light. But don’t forget your hat! Too much UV exposure can cause skin damage and wrinkles to appear.

Take care of your skin
The No.1 secret to a glowing no-makeup selfie is beautiful skin, of course! While many of these celebrities have dermatologists on call (especially Victoria’s Secret models, who need flawless skin), you can still snag their skincare secrets. Make sure to moisturize your face and neck every day to keep your skin hydrated. Nosh on fruits and vegetables for an extra dose of antioxidants, which help keep skin protected. And to give your skin an extra boost, you can try Botox® to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The results last for three to six months – so just one session will have you covered and will keep others guessing how old you are! BroadBand Light therapy is also a great way to reverse sun damage and age spots to give you an even complexion, that’s always selfie ready.

Warm, lazy days are the perfect time to kick back and relax with family and friends. Keep your smartphone handy to capture the memories – and make sure to use these tips to have your selfies looking their best!