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Please share your personal, meaningful story.

Thank you for your submission to the Ideal Image Changing Lives Forever Program!

Ideal Image Changing Lives Forever Program

The Ideal Image Changing Lives Forever Program will provide complimentary Ideal Image laser hair removal services to men and women each year.

Our goal is to help men and women feel confident and feel good about themselves by enhancing their appearance with complimentary laser hair removal services.

The Ideal Image Changing Lives Forever Program wants to help Change Your Life Forever. We would like to hear your personal, meaningful stories about your struggle with unwanted body hair. We will follow your journey and celebrate your transformation and conquests over your struggle with unwanted hair.

Guidelines for Submitting a Personal Story:

  • Medical Condition such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Medical Condition such as Pseudofolliculitis Barbae
  • Have a debilitating condition that does not allow you to take care of yourself
  • Man or Woman struggling with unwanted body hair
  • Experience negative self-esteem due to excessive body hair
  • Loss of self-confidence and depression
  • Experience emotional distress due to excessive body hair
  • Suffer from painful irritation and in-grown hairs from removing body hair
  • Need a boost of confidence due to your profession (Athletes, Fitness, Business etc.)

At Ideal Image, we know that looking good is part of feeling good. We are dedicated to enhancing your Ideal Image!

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