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It’s Peak Wedding Season—Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Bridal Beauty Treatments, According to Pros

Whether you’re going to be a bride yourself soon or are attending a special event of any kind, we sat down with three beauty professionals to get the scoop on treatment timelines.

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The months preceding your wedding day are undoubtedly stressful for a laundry list of different reasons. You’ve found your dress, triple-confirmed your guest list, secured your catering and cake situation set in stone, and double-checked your venue’s ready to host you on the big day (plus a million other things!).

Now that the essential to-do list items are (hopefully) out of the way, now you get to deal with planning your wedding day beauty look. Aside from locking in a makeup and hair team (… and I suggest doing a test run with your team a month or two before the date so that everyone’s on the same page), you may be thinking about how to get your complexion as glowing, smooth, and photo-ready as possible.

In addition to a strategically-timed skincare routine (i.e. stop using your retinol and harsh peels a couple of weeks before the big day to avoid flaking), there is a slew of in-office beauty treatments that many brides (and grooms!) may choose to consider.

Of course, whether it be Botox, filler, chemical peels, or anything in between, it’s crucial to get your timing right to avoid any added stress in the event that you end up with less-than-desirable results. To help you create your bridal beauty plans (and hopefully alleviate some of that anxiety!), we spoke with three beauty industry experts to get the best pre-wedding beauty treatment advice to ensure you’re nothing short of thrilled on your special day.

Nare Terteryan, Artonomi Aesthetics

Nare Terteryan, MSN, FNP-C, and her sister, Tatevik Terteryan, MSN, FNP-C opened their gorgeous Los Angeles medical spa (it’s seriously the chicest med spa I have ever seen—think if Kim Kardashian opened her own contemporary art gallery kind of vibes), Artonomi Aesthetics to blend their passion for contemporary art and medical aesthetics. Contrary to my previous understanding, Nare and Tatevik actually recommend aesthetic wedding prep a year in advance to ensure the best results.

“We recommend all brides to prepare at least one year prior. Allowing them time to have a proper consultation with a treatment plan ahead,” the sisters tell me. Aside from neuromodulators like BotoxTM and DysportTM to temporarily paralyze line-causing muscles in the face, Nare and Tatevik say that the most popular post-wedding treatments for brides and grooms in their practice are micro-infusion facials for a healthy glow and Morpheus 8, a micro-needling treatment that harnesses the skin-tightening benefits of radiofrequency for a lifted, more snatched effect. “Typically, any kind of treatment such as the Morpheus 8 should be performed at least four months in advance. Chemical peels [should also] be performed at least four months prior, with a series of three treatments one month apart.”

Of course, while in-office procedures may offer the most immediate results, Nare and Tatevik also stress the importance of protecting your investment with the right skincare. They swear by Augustinus Bader’s range of stem-cell infused formulas to protect the skin barrier and Skinceutical’s clinical-forward range.

Deanne Mraz Robinson, MD, FAAD, Ideal Image

Ideal Image offers direct-to-consumer medical aesthetic treatments at numerous locations around North America. Perfect for brides and grooms (or anyone with a special event on the horizon), Ideal Image also offers free private in-person or virtual consultations through its national tele-aesthetics platform. How cool is that? We spoke with Ideal Image’s CMO, Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson, MD, FAAD, who gave us the scoop on some of the top pre-wedding treatment requests and the best practices for each.

I love working with brides (and grooms!) before their wedding. The most commonly requested treatments are Botox, Filler, and lasers like IPL, Clear + Brilliant, Vbeam, and Fraxel. Pre-wedding tattoo removal and laser hair removal are also quite popular and non-surgical body sculpting treatments are gaining traction as well,” Dr. Robinson says. While Dr. Robinson does the patients closer to their wedding date, she prefers to consult with them six months prior to optimize the results and get them on a strategic skincare routine.

“To me, it comes down to two things: 1.) timing—be sure everything is scheduled strategically for both impact and ample recovery time, and 2.) expectations —work with a provider you trust will not only do great, safe work, but also counsel you on what’s realistic and what’s not. The goal shouldn’t be to show up at the altar looking like a different person, just a refreshed and enhanced version of you,” she says. She recommends fillers and neuromodulators be done four to five weeks prior to allow for potential bruising and swelling to diminish, while peels and microcurrent treatments should be done at least two weeks in advance. As Dr. Robinson, told me, committing to a solid skincare regimen is equally as important for looking and feeling your best on your wedding day. Ideal Image uses clinical-backed and medical-grade skincare brand Alastin on their clients and recommends their physician-backed line for maintaining the results of in-office treatments as well.

Brian Nourian, Co-Founder of Le Jolie Medi Spa

Los Angeles-based medical spa Le Jolie has been an A-list-studded destination for countless celebrity patients including Emma Roberts, Else Hook, Lisa Rinna, and Delilah Belle Hamlin. Le Joli Med Spa offers a slew of different treatments, from injectables to body-slimming procedures, and the beloved Forma treatment, a non-surgical face lift that instantly lifts and contours (by the way, I tried the Forma treatment at Le Jolie last year, and yes, it really does work!). We chatted with co-founder Brian Nourian to get the lowdown on the spa’s top bridal beauty treatments.

“One of the most popular services before the big day is our Forma treatment because it is non-invasive and has quick and noticeable results. Emsculpt Neo is also a popular treatment for people wanting to get their body tight and toned before [the wedding]. The Diamond Glow Dermal-infusion Facial is also a great option for those who want a quick dewy look,” he says. Like most medical spas, neurotoxins and fillers are the most requested pre-wedding treatments for both brides and grooms, and Nourian suggests booking these services four to six weeks before your wedding day to ensure that it settles in (usually takes about two weeks) and there is extra time to make any desired tweaks.

Given Le Jolie’s rep as one of the most Instagrammable medical spas on the planet, we figured we’d also rack his brain for his top photo-ready treatment suggestions. “Diamond Glow Dermal-infusion, Hyperbaric Oxygen Facial, and our CBD Facial are among the most popular treatments when people are looking to be photo ready. However, for more ‘WOW’ results, we still recommend our Forma Non-Surgical Facelift.” Le Jolie med spa suggests maintaining in-office results with skincare formulated by their favorite brands, including IS Clinical, Skinceuticals, and PCA Skin.

Originally Published in The Daily Beast by Mia Maguire.

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