3 foods to eat for healthy skin

woman holding orange slices to eyes

We know you’re hitting the gym to give yourself a healthy glow. But before you sign up for another spin class, take a closer look at your diet to make sure you’re giving yourself the right fuel for beautiful, clear skin. Need a few pointers? Check out the list below.

Next time you hit the grocery store, fill up your cart with honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon. Each of these can keep you hydrated as you snack, while also providing additional health benefits.

“Melons are some of the best natural sources of antioxidants,” Dawn Gallagher, author of Nature’s Beauty Secrets, told Health Magazine. “They contain lycopene and vitamins A and C, all of which help your body fight the free radicals that cause cell damage and, ultimately, the signs of aging.”

Melon is also so versatile. You can spoon some tangy, unflavored yogurt on top with granola or add a few thin slices to your next spinach salad. You can even toss a few chunks of watermelon into your next cocktail – we won’t tell!

Watermelon provides hydration as well as offers a boost of antioxidants.Watermelon provides hydration as well as offers a boost of antioxidants.

Turns out Vitamin C, the antioxidant that has always given oranges a good reputation, has another benefit: It can give you smooth skin. Toby Amidor R.D. told Self Magazine that this antioxidant is essential in collagen production.

Why do you need collagen? Without it, your skin starts to lose structure and develop wrinkles that refuse to go away – and who wants that? You can enjoy oranges on their own or paired with perfectly grilled chicken. For a more potent flavor profile, seek out blood oranges, which also offer a boost of good-for-you ingredients.

No summer food list would be complete without avocado. You can put it on toast, with a dash of cayenne pepper or you can take a few slices and add it to a kale salad. You can even turn it into a two-ingredient chocolate truffle that will satisfy your sweet tooth – because avocado packs some serious health punch. It’s a source of Vitamin E, which gives skin its healthy glow, as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

Give these fruits a try this summer – in salads, sandwiches or even on the grill – and you’ll love the smooth skin you’ll see as a result.