4 ways to end summer on a high note

young woman with hair in bun overlooking tall buildings

They say all good things must come to an end, and unfortunately, summer falls under that phrase. You’ve enjoyed the sunshine and vacation time, but now it’s time to get back to your daily grind. Don’t let the idea of the season change get your down – end you summer on a high note! Consider these suggestions:

1. Let those grudges go
When someone does you wrong, it’s common to hold a grudge. Hopefully it didn’t ruin your summer, but if there’s still a bad taste in your mouth, it’s time to let it go. According to Forbes, grudges produce negative emotions that actually cause a stress response in your system, which is in no way good for your health. Make amends and forget about it before fall starts.

“Eating a well-balanced diet is incredible for mental health.”

2. Improve your diet
You’ve enjoyed your favorite cocktails and indulged in sweet frozen treats all summer, but now it’s time to kick your healthy habits back into gear. Eating a well-balanced diet doesn’t only improve your physique, it’s also incredible for mental and neurological health, according to The Huffington Post.  Prepare yourself for fall by eliminating the refined sugars and saturated fats from your diet. Eat more fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole-grains, seeds and nuts.

3. Exercise regularly
If you’ve been slacking on your workout regimen, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Summer’s your opportunity to relax and enjoy your downtime, so it’s understandable. But now that it’s almost over, it’s time to get it together and get back in shape. Just be smart about it – you don’t have to hold yourself hostage at the gym to achieve physical fitness. The U.S. Centers for Disease and Control Prevention suggested adults dedicate at least 150 minutes per week to moderate-intensity aerobic activity and two days for muscle-strengthening activities. That’s only 30 minutes a day if you give yourself the weekend to rest.

Take advantage of the nice weather before fall and find an outdoor yoga class.Take advantage of the nice weather before fall and find an outdoor yoga class.

And remember: You don’t have to go to the gym to get fit. Take advantage of the summer weather and go hiking or jogging on the beach. You can even find a boot camp or outdoor yoga class to rise with the sun.

4. Treat yourself
If you’ve improved your diet and started exercising regularly, you’re bound to feel more confident when fall arrives. But those aren’t the only ways to feel good before summer ends.

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