4 ways we can guess your age

young woman holding mirror

They say it’s bad manners to ask, “Wait, how old are you?” at a social gathering, but let’s admit it – it makes us a little bit gleeful when a stranger guesses we’re much younger than we are.

However, there are a few giveaways that can actually make you look older than you are. Your skin is the the culprit that makes different body parts age you. As it thins and loses collagen, skin can change in texture, making you look older. Want to keep them guessing? Here are the four telltale signs that are giving away your age – and what you can do about them.

1. Your hands
The backs of your hands will be your first giveaway, according to the Huffington Post. Like so many other parts of our bodies, we lose bulk in our hands, revealing the ropy tendons underneath. This is especially true if you spend a large amount of time outdoors, due to sun exposure. Your skin can also look and feel rough. There are a few ways to avoid leathery hands: use rubber gloves when cleaning – because those chemicals aren’t doing your skin any favors – and moisturize with cocoa butter or coconut oil. You can also receive treatments for BBL™ Skin Therapy to stimulate your body’s cells to create more collagen, which can add bulk back to your hands. And don’t forget the sunscreen! Dab some on the back of your hands year-round to keep them protected. While sunscreen can help prevent additional sunspots, no cream or moisturizer can fully reverse the darker pigmentation.

2. Your neck
If you love spending time on the beach, but you neglect to lather on sunscreen every few hours, your neck will also likely give away your age. Part of the reason for this, according to AOL, is UV rays affect the skin here more than on other parts of the body.  According to the Mayo Clinic, our necks can turn discolored and look wrinkled from constant sun exposure. We tend to forget to blend in face cream into our neck – but that can be a preventative measure to keep a neck looking young. To reverse the discoloration, consider BBL™ Skin Therapy: the procedure can diminish redness and discoloration from too much melanin.

Your neck can giveaway your health and make you look older.Your neck can giveaway your health and make you look older.

3. Your eyebrows
Many people don’t think of their eyebrows as an age giveaway  – but the thinning hair paired with sagging skin can make you look older. Much like a thick mane of hair, filled-in brows can make you look younger because it creates a balanced, defined profile, Prevention magazine noted. To reduce droopy skin, you can consider BBL™ Skin Therapy. It’s a non-invasive procedure that can help with sagging skin.

4. Your face
Perhaps the most noticeable sign of aging is sunspots on your face. This hyperpigmentation occurs after getting exposed to UV light, Real Simple reported. As kids, we called these spots freckles – remember how they would appear after a day at the beach? As adults we gave them a much more grown-up name: sunspots. To prevent more spots from appearing, make sure to wear a strong SPF – at least 30, the article noted. To remove the current spots and reveal a younger, brighter face underneath, you can get a photo facial from Ideal Image. This process uses broadband light to promote collagen production, which makes skin feel plump and smooth.

Fight these signs of aging by scheduling a BBL™ Skin Therapy consultation with Ideal Image, where you will receive a personalize skin assessment. See how a photofacial can turn back the clock – and then it’s anyone’s guess how old you are!