5 Skin Traits of Sun Damage

sunscreen on woman's shoulder in shape of a heart

Like many things in life, sun damaged skin is something you know when you see it. A tough, leathery complexion is a classic example of what can happen if you spend too much time in the sun without SPF protection. Many of these traits are also common with aging skin – sun damage can exacerbate these problems. These symptoms can strike for tanning bed enthusiasts as well. No need to fret – there are treatments that you can seek out to reverse the look of damaged skin. Do you have any of these traits?

Your skin’s coloring changes
The Daily Mail noted that as your body ages it creates fewer new cells. As a result, skin cells can build up, which can lead to skin losing its glow and looking duller. You can fight the look of duller skin by exfoliating away the dead skin – or consulting a professional for a chemical peel or microdermabrasion. Spending too much time in the sun can lead to your cells creating too much melanin to protect against the damaging rays. Dark spots or redness may appear, leaving your skin looking unevenly colored. In addition, Cosmopolitan.com noted that being directly under the sun can cause your blood vessels to dilate – and they may not be able to constrict again once you’re back indoors. The result? Redness and creeping capillaries on your face.

Just like a towel, your skin can get dehydrated by too much sun exposure.Just like a towel, your skin can get dehydrated by too much sun exposure.

You suffer from drier skin
Have you ever left a damp towel to dry out in the sunshine? The sun’s rays will absorb its moisture and leave it hot to the touch. If you expose your skin to the sun for prolonged periods of time, you will also become dehydrated. This may also be the result of your body producing less natural oil, which can help fight off environmental pollutants. You can compound the problem if you don’t have a strong moisturizer that you use daily. Fight your dry skin by sipping more water throughout the day – especially after you’ve spent time outside in the sun.

Sun damage can cause your skin to prematurely age. However, it doesn’t have to be a death sentence for your complexion. You can reverse the damage to your skin with BBL™ Broadband Light therapy. Schedule a consultation today to see how BBL™ can help you put your best face forward.