Choose the best sunscreen for your skin type

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You know that slathering on SPF is the best way to protect your face when summer hits. The benefits are endless: It can stop UV rays that will age you and break down the collagen in your skin. It can also stop sun spots from appearing and aging you. In addition, if you pick the right sunscreen, you can also get ingredients that will keep your skin looking its best even when you’re not wearing it.

But, if you choose the wrong one, it can leave your skin shiny or feeling like sandpaper. But have you seen how many sunscreens are on the market now? Never fear: We break down what you need depending on your skin type.

Oily skin? Lose the heavy products
When you have oily skin, it can feel impossible to get rid of shine. When your body produces too much sebum, it can also increase the likelihood of clogged pores and breakouts. Add in a heavy sunscreen and it can feel like another layer on your face – and who wants that? Instead, look for products that absorb oil and offer a matte look. You can cheat and get your SPF from your makeup. Try a finishing powder that includes at least 15 SPF. It’s the best of both worlds: You’ll get an even skin tone thanks to the matte powder, along with a lack of shine.

Sensitive skin? Ditch the chemicals
If you have sensitive skin, you have to pass on borrowing friends’ makeup or trying new products to avoid blotchy red skin or breakouts. More products are including chemicals and additives to prolong the shelf life. So what about when it comes to choosing a sunscreen? Marie Claire noted that the best products are those without any irritants: Those include fragrances, as well as parabens. Instead, look for sunscreens that include natural calming agents like aloe vera as well as skin-protecting antioxidants like Vitamin C.

Choosing a sunscreen for your skin type can give you the best protection.Choosing a sunscreen for your skin type can give you the best protection.

Dry skin? Make sure to add moisture
If you’ve got dry skin, spending a lot of time in the sun can exacerbate the problem. Too much time outside can leave your cheeks feeling chapped. And you may feel like you have to reapply your sunscreen every hour to keep your skin hydrated. You don’t need to keep that up: Make sure to find a rich sunscreen with moisturizers and more SPF.

“Those ingredients will have a nourishing, oily texture that provides moisture to dry skin,” noted dermatologist Steven Wang in Vogue magazine.

You can use these tips to choose the best sunscreen for your skin type. Don’t want to commit to a full bottle? Seek out samples that will let you try a new product to see if you like it. Take a few days per product to see if you have any adverse reactions.

Now, go out and there and make the most of summer!