Four Steps to Flawless-looking Skin

flawless - photo of woman on side

Less is not always more when it comes to flawless-looking skin. While it’s important to embrace our imperfections, there’s nothing wrong with mastering the art of camouflage to disguise pesky skin problems that develop as we age. Think: sun damage, age spots, blemishes, redness, dark circles, the list goes on. Fortunately, there are tons of beauty products out there to help achieve that au-naturale glow without looking like you have layers and layers of makeup on.

Read on for a few tips to put your best face forward with a little help from the beauty counter.

Lay the Foundation

First things first – we recommend smoothing on a primer to even out your skin tone, setting the foundation for a flawless makeup application. Opt for a primer that suits your skin type or targets desired results, such as minimizing pores, color correcting or mattifying. Next – apply a thin layer of foundation all over your face and blend with a damp makeup sponge for a radiant, natural-looking complexion. Foundation doubles as an eyeshadow primer, so plop it on your eyelids if you plan to rock the shadow.

Cover and Conceal

After applying your foundation, hone in on troublesome spots that peek through and require special attention. We recommend a creamy, lightweight concealer in a shade lighter than your foundation to seamlessly cover imperfections like blemishes, dark spots and under eye circles. Target dark circles by tracing an upside down triangle under your eyes; gently dab using a concealer brush to blend (a lip brush works just as well). Next – move on to covering blemishes using the dabbing technique with a very thin layer of product. For extra luminosity, apply concealer (or favorite highlighter) to your cupid’s bow, bridge of your nose, underneath your brow, and the middle of your chin. Hello, glow!

Set Your Work

Don’t forget one of the most important steps to achieving flawless-looking skin: setting your makeup. For a matte finish, grab a round makeup brush and apply a thin layer of translucent or HD face powder all over your face. Keep it thin on first application and take it with you to touch up and mask shine throughout the day. If you prefer a dewier look, spritz on a long-lasting setting spray to lock in your makeup application so it stays put all day long.

Long-Lasting Rejuvenation

Want a more permanent solution to fix the damage your skin has endured over the years? Enter: IPL Photofacial – a non-surgical, aesthetic treatment that uses cutting-edge technology to produce younger-looking skin by reducing the appearance of dark spots, uneven skin texture, sun damage and more. With little recovery time and no surgery, this treatment (also known as the photo facial) offers a safe, FDA-cleared option for sun damage, anti-aging, and skin rejuvenation. Schedule your free consultation today.

What are some of your tried-and-true tips or makeup techniques for flawless-looking skin?