What makes BBL different from IPL?

BBL before and after face

They say “time heals all wounds” – but your skin might beg to differ! Your face will look older over time, as the complexion is vulnerable to many of the inevitable factors of aging. The sun, pollution and the natural effects of time passing have an impact on how your skin matures, and there’s simply no way to stop it. There are, however, effective treatments available to reduce sun spots, age spots, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and redness to help you fall back in love with the skin you’re in.

Intense pulsed light or IPL is a standard and effective treatment for producing younger-looking skin. Still, those looking for better results would be wise to consider the premium solution, BroadBand Light™ Therapy. Let’s take a closer look at the main differences between the standard and premium options:

What is IPL?
IPL is a technology that uses high-intensity light to produce firmer, younger-looking skin with improved tone and texture. The upper layers of the skin are heated, which stimulates the skin cells to produce new collagen and restore the skin to its natural, youthful glow.

What’s best about this treatment is there’s little to no downtime, it produces long-lasting improvements and can be performed on nearly any surface area of the body. Just be mindful that it will take several treatments to notice the impact. Additionally, you have to stay out of the sun for a lengthy period of time after every session.

BBL before and after face
Achieve that youthful glow you know and love through BBL.

What is BBL?
BroadBand Light Therapy or BBL is essentially the enhanced version of IPL, created to increase safety and improve results of photorejuvenation. It’s a safe, FDA-cleared option for repairing sun damage, encouraging anti-aging and rejuvenating the complexion, and requires no surgery or recovery time.

So why choose BBL over IPL? The cutting edge technology brought to you by BroadBand Light Therapy is currently ahead of the game when it comes to skin rejuvenation. BBL, which is the only treatment that can change the expression of genes associated with aging and longevity, essentially restoring the genetic pattern of aged skin. The BBL machine is also equipped with advanced cooling features, allowing the use of high-powered energy with minimal discomfort. Forever Young BBL treatment is fast – sessions take around 20 minutes – comes with zero downtime and long-lasting results, and is effective on all the face, neck, upper chest and hands.

Because the amount of treatments needed varies from person to person, you should your local Ideal Image for more information. You can schedule your free consultation today to create a personalized plan based on the improvements you’re seeking. Let Ideal Image, The Advanced MedSpa, help you achieve that beautiful youthful glow you desire.