When to get preventative Botox

woman receiving Botox treatment

While you might not be particularly concerned about wrinkles just yet, it’s never too early to start a preventative skin care regimen. Wearing sunscreen, exfoliating, moisturizing and utilizing facial peels and eye serums now can prepare your skin for the inevitable signs of aging later in life.

Preventative Botox is another effective way to care for your complexion and maintain your youthful glow as the years pass. But how soon is too soon when it comes to getting this treatment? Let’s take a look at how early you can consider preventative Botox, and some preparation tips before going through with the process:

When should I get preventative Botox?

You can reduce the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles as soon as they start to show, even if it’s the smallest occurrence. Amy Wechsler, a New York City-based dermatologist, told Allure magazine that the mid-20s is when she starts to see patients interested in receiving preventative Botox, but that’s not necessarily the right age for everyone. Others seek treatment in their 30s and 40s, but many start showing interest in Botox in their 20s.

You may start to consider preventative Botox as early as your mid-20s.You may start to consider preventative Botox as early as your mid-20s.

“The average age of my preventive ‘Baby Botox’ patients is about 25, but that is not a hard and fast rule,” she said. “It’s just often unnecessary to inject someone earlier for cosmetic reasons. Many facial lines seem to have a genetic or hereditary component, and once a young person starts to see lines that they see in their older relatives, then it’s time for Botox.”

What should I know before getting a treatment?

Does preventative Botox make sense for you? Are you ready to take this preventative measure and rejuvenate your skin early? Here are the steps you need to take before getting a treatment:

  • Prepare for quick treatment and recovery – Botox injections only take minutes, so you’ll be in and out the door in no time. Plus, there’s no need to take a sick day or schedule vacation time – recovery is quick and there’s virtually no down time!
  • Expect fast results – From the time Botox is injected, it typically takes 48 hours for it to bind to the muscle and start working. Within 7 to 10 days, you’ll notice results!

For more information on the treatment based on your personal goals, schedule your free consultation at Ideal Image, The Advanced MedSpa. If you’re serious about preventing severe frown lines and wrinkles in the future, we can help you achieve that flawless look in no time.