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Aventura Botox®

Ideal Image strongly believes that confidence changes everything. Our licensed Medical Professionals want you to look and feel your best inside and out, and thanks to Botox® in Aventura, you can. We provide safe, non-surgical treatment plans that will enhance your natural beauty. So let’s smooth out those wrinkles and diminish the signs of aging. As the #1 brand in aesthetics and wellness, we are here to help you achieve the results you deserve. Ideal Image wants to help you restore your natural, youthful look with Aventura Botox®.

What You Can Expect from Aventura Botox®

You will have the chance to meet with a private consultant virtually or in person. Our Aesthetic Consultants are there to support you on this journey to wellness. Together you will build a treatment plan created just for you. They will answer any questions you might have and explain all the steps in detail, so you feel confident and ready to move forward. Our highly trained staff providing your Aventura Botox® believes your safety and wellness are a top priority. With a medical board led by surgeons, doctors, and dermatologists, we are passionate about enhancing and restoring your natural, youthful look.

How Treatments Work

The non-invasive FDA-approved Botox® treatments are quick and require no downtime. Our Medical Professionals use very small, fine-tipped needles to inject Botox® into the facial muscles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. These injections are designed to relax the facial muscles and smooth out moderate to severe lines on your face. You will see results anywhere from 1-2 weeks after your session. Before Your Treatment If you have a special event coming up, try to book your appointment at least two weeks in advance. During those two weeks, do not do any facial peels or other types of facials. Also, try to avoid caffeine and alcohol the week before your treatment. The Day Of Your Treatment The staff performing your Botox® in Aventura knows your time is valuable. For that reason, they work hard to complete your session promptly and allow you to continue with your day as normal. Keep in mind that every client is different and unique. The number of injections will vary from client to client. Additionally, the actual treatment may vary. Some clients experience a mild pinch, but for the most part, it is a low-risk treatment. After Your Treatment After your appointment, the Botox® injections will need about two hours to take effect. Over the next three days, try to avoid heavy exercise and heat. Be sure to wait at least two weeks after your treatment for any other cosmetic procedures. If you are ready to have natural-looking results without going under the knife, Ideal Image is here to help you. Schedule a consultation for Aventura Botox® today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Botox® cost?
The cost depends on your needs. Our consultants will work with you to customize a treatment package built for you.
When will I see the results?
You may begin to see results in 72 hours. You will continue to see results for up to 14 days.
How does Botox® work?
Using a very fine needle, Botox® is injected into the facial muscles to relax them. This will stop them from contracting and forming wrinkles on your face.

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