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Laser Hair Removal In Plantation, FL

Just imagine having silky smooth skin every day with no wax and no razors. At Ideal Image, we have an affordable and effective treatment option to give you silky, smooth skin for life. With our Laser Hair Removal in Plantation, FL, you can have permanent hair reduction. Our Medical Professionals are ready to give you a new feeling of confidence as you put waxing appointments behind you and throw out your razor for good. We want you to feel confident every day by giving you one less thing to worry about – unwanted hair. We are the most trusted name in Laser Hair Removal and specialize in treatments for many different skin tones. We want to give you the confidence of never having to worry about unwanted hair again. With Laser Hair Removal in Plantation, FL, our Medical Professionals use Laser Hair Removal as the best way to reduce hair for good.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Create Permanent Hair Reduction?

Laser Hair Removal in Plantation, FL, targets and destroys hair follicles with a concentrated energy that targets the follicle through pulses of light. Each follicle grows an individual hair, so the laser heats up the pigment in the hair, disabling it from creating hair follicles. At Ideal Image, our Medical Professionals are highly trained in the knowledge of using the correct laser with the exact amount of energy needed to target the hair at the root and keep our clients as comfortable as possible. Our treatments are top-notch because we use a cooling device through the treatment process that sprays cold air onto the skin of the area that is being treated. This happens directly before and after each pulse of the laser.

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal In Plantation, FL?

  • Convenience and Cost– Our appointments are usually around 30 minutes or less, so you can save time and money compared to shaving and waxing.
  • Appearance– Unlike waxing, you can shave between treatments. Laser Hair Removal in Plantation, FL, can remove as much or as little hair as you like.
  • Medically Safe– At Ideal Image, we use FDA-cleared lasers, and we are directed by a medical board of dermatologists, physicians, and cosmetic surgeons.

How Can I Prepare For Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

At Ideal Image, our Laser Hair Removal treatments are developed to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible during your treatments. Before you start your Laser Hair Removal in Plantation, FL, you will meet either in-person or virtually with an Aesthetic Consultant to create a treatment plan individualized to your needs. They will also answer any questions for you and go over details of your experience, including outlining your timeline and how the process will work. Here are some additional need-to-knows about Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal in Plantation, FL.
  • You need to stay out of the sun for at least four weeks prior to your appointment.
  • The day before your appointment, shave your treatment areas for the best results.
  • Don’t wear any skin care products (including make-up) to your appointment.
  • When you enter the room for your appointment, the Medical Professional will outline the treatment area with white lines to confirm which areas will be treated.
  • After your treatment, make sure to stay out of the sun – this includes tanning beds and self-tanning products and procedures.

Choose Ideal Image For Laser Hair Removal In Plantation, FL

Ideal Image is the #1 brand in aesthetics and wellness. In 20 years, we’ve performed over 20 million treatments. Contact one of our Aesthetic Consultants to start the process of feeling confident in your silky, smooth skin today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas of the body can get Laser Hair Removal treatments?
Some of the areas that we treat are the underarms, legs, bikini lines, facial areas, and chest and back.
Is there an Ideal Image that offers Laser Hair Removal in my area?
Ideal Image has more than 170 locations in the United States. We offer Laser Hair Removal in Plantation, FL, as well as other aesthetic and wellness treatments.
What is offered with the Laser Hair Removal Lifetime Guarantee*?
Ideal Image has a Lifetime Guarantee* for all of our Laser Hair Removal services. Please ask your Aesthetic Consultant about details during your initial consultation. This program is built to help you save money while reaching your aesthetic goals.

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