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With CoolSculpting® In St. Petersburg, FL, You Can Get Rid Of Unwanted Fat Without Surgery

As hard as you work to maintain your body’s shape and image, you deserve to feel good about it around the clock. It is not fun to have a sudden dip in confidence just because of a few stubborn pockets of fat. If you are struggling to lose weight in a particular area of the body and you are getting fed up that your workout routine isn’t working, don’t worry: there is a way to get rid of this extra fat while you continue on your journey to great physical health. With CoolSculpting® in St. Petersburg, FL, you can boost your confidence with a customized treatment plan that works for you. Pick out the specific areas of stubborn fat that you can’t get rid of through natural means, and we will use a non-surgical, non-invasive, and non-painful treatment to reduce this fat within just a few months.

How Does CoolSculpting® In St. Petersburg, FL, Work?

The revolutionary process of CoolSculpting® is a patented technology that offers a way to freeze and harden stubborn fat cells without penetrating the skin. Using an ultrasound-like wand, Medical Professionals at Ideal Image will direct the cooling tool to the area of the body where there is stubborn fat. Working into layers of skin to reach the fat cells, the CoolSculpting® device will then send freezing blasts directly to the cells, essentially destroying them. Your body will be able to easily identify and then eliminate the remaining fat on its own. A great perk of CoolSculpting® in St. Petersburg, FL, is that you can watch as up to 25% of targeted fat cells are greatly reduced over a short period of time. Our Medical Professionals have completed over 200 additional hours of training at the Ideal Image Institute to be able to provide this treatment in a highly safe, efficient, and individualized way.

Freeze Away Unwanted Fat For Good

You can treat almost every part of the body using our flexible CoolSculpting® in St. Petersburg, FL, methods and techniques. Not only can you address one, two, or several body parts for stubborn fat elimination, but you can target them all at the same time. In a single CoolSculpting® session, you can reduce puffy fat from the arms, legs, back, buttocks, hips, abdomen, shoulders, face, neck, and more. Additionally, you will be able to customize every aspect of your CoolSculpting® treatments so that your most immediate and prioritized needs are met. One thing that sets Ideal Image apart from other aesthetic treatment providers is that we focus on a holistic you, centering your wants and needs at the same time. This is the best way to get stellar results and long-lasting benefits that you will be glad you took advantage of.

The Benefits Of CoolSculpting® In St. Petersburg, FL, Are Too Good To Ignore

Not only are there plenty of benefits to be had with this innovative treatment when you sign up for CoolSculpting® in St. Petersburg, FL, at Ideal Image. Our treatments are finely tuned to the needs of each individual client, yielding incredible results that are hard to find anywhere else. Some of the biggest benefits of our treatment plan include:
  • The ability to schedule a session whenever you want, as CoolSculpting® can be completed in as little as 45 minutes, depending on the complexity of the treatment. There is also no downtime required, meaning you can return to work or school right away. Note that your entire visit time may vary.
  • No surgery, no incisions, and no recovery needs are required for this treatment. You will hardly feel a thing, and you shouldn’t have any lingering pain after you leave our office.
  • Ideal Image is a proud provider of the patented technology, offering CoolSculpting® in St. Petersburg, FL, in a way that embraces your holistic needs. Rather than just treating your physical symptoms, we work with you to craft a wellness plan that will help you continue to see improvements well into the future.
  • It is offered at an incredibly affordable price point, with different payment plans available to clients regardless of their personal income. Additionally, we have a Lifetime Guarantee Membership*, which offers discounts on future sessions and beneficial care packages provided exclusively to members at Ideal Image.
  • Free personal consultations with an Aesthetic Consultant, which can be done in person at a local point of care or from the comfort of home.
If you are in the market for a slimmer and trimmer you, this is a great treatment option for you. Instead of causing more harm to your body with surgeries and incisions that leave scars, you can address and directly influence unwanted pockets of fat in a way that actually contributes to your overall health.

Schedule Your Consultation For CoolSculpting® In St. Petersburg, FL

You don’t need to give up your gym regimen or your favorite type of diet to see the results of CoolSculpting®; in fact, this treatment will enhance the body that you have worked so hard to whip into shape. Continue with your regular workout routine, and you will quickly see how easy it is to maintain the look you want with CoolSculpting® in St. Petersburg, FL. Schedule your personal consultation today and get treatment as soon as tomorrow at Ideal Image.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any risks associated with CoolSculpting®?
As a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment type, CoolSculpting® in St. Petersburg, FL, is incredibly safe, aside from some pinching that clients may feel during the in-office treatment. Contact your Medical Professionals if you are interested in learning more.
Why should I choose Ideal Image for CoolSculpting® In St. Petersburg, FL?
Ideal Image has been North America’s leading provider of non-surgical aesthetic treatments like Laser Hair Removal for over 20 years. As a staple for non-invasive treatments, we continuously work to improve our practices while keeping safety and efficacy at the top of our minds. Our Medical Professionals have completed 200 additional hours of training to ensure that we don’t just meet but exceed modern standards of CoolSculpting®.
When will I notice reduced fat cells as a result of my CoolSculpting® treatment?
Everyone’s body is different, so treatment results may vary. It is important to speak with your Aesthetic Consultant to form a thorough care plan so you can get your questions answered before, during, and after your treatment. For the most part, clients can expect to see results within 2-3 months following their session.

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