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Laser Hair Removal

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With Laser Hair Removal In Alpharetta, You Can Start Today And Be Hair Free In No Time

With FDA-cleared lasers that target hair at the root and in-office treatment averages of just 30 minutes, it is no wonder that Ideal Image is the most trusted name in Laser Hair Removal. Our Aesthetic Consultants and Medical Professionals want to center you and your wellness goals above all else. That is why we offer solutions for clients looking to achieve silky smooth skin without having to go through the daily pain of shaving and waxing.  With Laser Hair Removal in Alpharetta, you can save time, money, and frustration by removing unwanted hair follicles on nearly any part of the body. When you first reach out to our Aesthetic Consultants, you will be given a personalized care session to help you determine your overall goals. Depending on your needs, you may find Laser Hair Removal to be the perfect solution to getting rid of unwanted hair on most parts of the body, no matter the tone or texture of your skin. 

Laser Hair Removal In Alpharetta - How It Works

There are many reasons why clients continue to pursue innovative, non-surgical treatments at their local Ideal Image points of care. One of the biggest, however, is that people from all walks of life can receive a tailor-made treatment experience with precise, long-lasting results. And when it comes to Laser Hair Removal, it’s all about precision.  During your first session of Laser Hair Removal in Alpharetta, you can expect a team of Medical Professionals to cater to your individual needs by using a laser-guided device to blast heat at the follicles you want to get rid of. This laser-like heat makes the targeted follicles extremely weak, which makes them fall out as time goes on. The laser also has a burst of cool air that will help you to maintain your comfort during the treatment. This also makes it much more difficult for new hair to grow. After a few repeated Laser Hair Removal sessions, you will be able to enjoy permanent hair reduction in these areas. Say goodbye to unwanted hair and annoying daily maintenance when you ask your personal Aesthetic Consultant about your candidacy for Laser Hair Removal in Alpharetta at Ideal Image.

Treat All Tones And Skin Types With Laser Hair Removal In Alpharetta

Some of the more traditional Laser Hair Removal treatments have been too limiting for people with certain skin types in the past. Fortunately, Laser Hair Removal at Ideal Image is completely safe and effective for all tones and textures, making it possible for anyone to get rid of body hair.  In addition, you can use a dynamic Laser Hair Removal treatment to treat one or many parts of the body at once, simultaneously removing hair in areas such as: 
  • Arms and legs
  • Armpits (This is the most popular treatment area)
  • Upper and lower face
  • Neck and chin
  • Middle or lower back 
  • Bikini line
  • Brazilian 
If there is a specific part of the body you are looking to treat and you want to learn more about how to get good results from Laser Hair Removal in Alpharetta, get in touch with your Aesthetic Consultant right away.

Get Unlimited Treatments For 16 Months With The Lifetime Guarantee Membership*

With millions of Laser Hair Removal treatments performed across our 170 Ideal Image points of care, it is with confidence that we can say this is the best way to reduce unwanted hair for good. There is finally an affordable and accessible way to get smooth, silky skin for life. With the Lifetime Guarantee Membership*, clients can take their care benefits even further by enjoying unlimited treatments for the next 16 months, as well as discounts on current and future sessions.  Clients can also participate in any one of the Ideal Image payment plans, which offer strong approval rates to any and every person who applies. While Laser Hair Removal in Alpharetta lets you see results after the first treatment, we will help you continue to target and destroy unwanted follicles with a number of Laser Hair Removal sessions that can bring you in closer alignment with your aesthetic goals. Contact us today to get started.

Laser Hair Removal
Frequently Asked Questions

Is Laser Hair Removal In Alpharetta a fast-acting treatment?
  • Depending on your natural patterns of hair growth and loss, it may take up to four weeks to start seeing real results from your Laser Hair Removal treatment. However, some clients are able to see results in as little as 2-3 weeks. Speak with your Medical Professional to learn more about the average recovery timeline. 
Why choose Ideal Image for Laser Hair Removal?
  • Ideal Image has been providing FDA-cleared treatments such as Laser Hair Removal in Alpharetta for over 20 years and across more than 170 points of care in North America. We strive to set the standards for safety, efficiency, and efficacy while centering the client’s voice above all else. Our Medical Professionals have completed an extra 200 hours of training to ensure we are delivering the best Laser Hair Removal treatments on the market today.
Do I need multiple sessions of Laser Hair Removal?
  • Before you commit to any kind of aesthetic treatment, your Aesthetic Consultant will want to form a personal care plan around your needs. The number of Laser Hair Removal sessions that you need will depend on how much or how little hair you are looking to permanently reduce. For best results, most clients will participate in several sessions over many months.

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