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Silky Smooth Skin In Every Season

The Medical Professionals at Ideal Image are eager to help you say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to silky smooth skin with Laser Hair Removal in Buckhead, GA. If you have been struggling with shaving and tweezing and are tired of cream and lotions, Ideal Image is here to help. We strongly believe confidence changes everything, and our goal is to help you feel your best both inside and out.  Imagine for a minute no more shaving or waxing the unwanted hair on your body. It is possible, and our highly trained team is ready to work with real people who want real results. To get started, connect with one of our Aesthetic Consultants for a free consultation, which can be in-person or virtual. We want to work side by side with you to help create a wellness plan based on your personal needs and goals. Ideal Image’s  Laser Hair Removal in Buckhead, GA, wants you to have results you can see and feel.

The Most Trusted Name In Laser Hair Removal

Ideal Image, the #1 brand in aesthetics and wellness, offers treatments tailored to everybody and every body. The Medical Professionals performing Laser Hair Removal in Buckhead, GA, have mastered the process of Laser Hair Removal and stand behind it as one of the best ways to get rid of that unwanted hair for good. We want to help you save time, money, and a lifetime of shaving and plucking. The non-invasive simple treatment will destroy those hair follicles in a matter of minutes. Plus, we can remove as much or as little hair as you like.  This quick and effective treatment can be performed in just under 30 minutes depending on the treatment area. Note that your entire visit time may vary. You can stop by our office during your work day and return to your normal schedule in no time. Our licensed Medical Professionals are extensively trained to use FDA-cleared lasers that will target hair at the root, eventually damaging the follicles. The hair in the targeted area will fall out, and the new hair that grows back will be finer and lighter. With every treatment, fewer and fewer hairs will grow back.

Non-Invasive, No Downtime Needed

The Medical Professionals performing Laser Hair Removal in Buckhead, GA, will remove unwanted hair while making sure you stay relaxed and comfortable. The lasers will destroy the hair from underneath the skin, then, over time, it will fall out completely. This cutting-edge, state-of-the-art equipment and technology helps to minimize downtime after the treatment is completed. The treatments are only performed by licensed Medical Professionals, so you can trust that you are always in the best hands with Ideal Image’s Laser Hair Removal in Buckhead, GA. There are some common areas to consider for this treatment, but when it comes down to it,  the choice is totally up to you.  Areas to consider:
  • Bikini Line: Our bikini line hair removal treatment is one of our most sought-after treatments. This area is one of the easiest and fastest to treat. 
  • Arms: Get ready to go sleeveless or strapless. With this Laser Hair Removal, you can feel great about your upper, lower, or underarms. Underarms are the most popular treatment area for Laser Hair Removal in Buckhead, GA.
  • Legs: Cut your shower time in half and have the chance to obtain silky smooth legs all the time. Ditch the razors and feel confident in the way you look. 
  • Eyebrows: A little separation is a good thing, especially when it comes to your eyebrows. Take notice of the space between your eyebrows. 

Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal In Buckhead, GA

Are you interested in saving time, money, and a lifetime of shaving? Yes! If the unwanted hair is there, that doesn’t mean it has to stay. Our Medical Professionals have mastered the process of Laser Hair Removal and stand behind it as one of the best ways to get rid of that pesky unwanted hair. Here are some of the top benefits to consider when thinking about Laser Hair Removal in Buckhead, GA. 
  1. We offer affordable plans for any budget.
  2. With Ideal Image, you get a free consultation and personalized treatment plan to fit you and your needs. 
  3. Treatment times can be as quick as 30 minutes. The entire appointment time may vary. 
  4. With Ideal Image’s Laser Hair Removal in Buckhead, GA, unbeatable, incredible results are just around the corner. 

Are You Ready For Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal in Buckhead, GA, is for all types of people who are on the journey to great health and wellness. At Ideal Image, we care about our clients, and we stand behind our years of experience and knowledge. Our Aesthetic Consultants are ready to help you schedule your first appointment.   Contact Ideal Image in Buckhead, GA, today and ask about our various services and our Lifetime Guarantee Membership*. 

Laser Hair Removal
Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Laser Hair Removal in Buckhead, GA, cost?
  • Our Aesthetic Consultants will work with you on your individual plan to fit your needs. The cost is different for everyone depending on the target areas. They will explain all of this during your first appointment. 
How long has Ideal Image been in existence?
Ideal Image has performed over six million Laser Hair Removal treatments and covers the United States and Canada. The very first location opened in 2001 in Tampa, Florida.
What are the risks of Laser Hair Removal?
  • Since the lasers are designed to remove the hair quickly and efficiently, the risk is very low. Our team will talk you through the treatment and answer any questions you might want to ask. 

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