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A Slimmer, Trimmer You With CoolSculpting® In Marietta, GA

Many people have personal goals to look and feel their best both inside and out. Ideal Image, the #1 brand in aesthetics and wellness, strongly believes confidence changes everything. One of the most important steps to feeling confident is feeling good about the way you look. Ideal Image wants to support you on your journey and knows we can, thanks to CoolSculpting® in Marietta, GA.  Let us help you get the results you can see and the confidence you can feel.  Ideal Image offers treatments that do not require surgery and are affordable for any budget. Our CoolSculpting® treatment would be a great first step in your wellness journey. This fat-reduction patented cooling technology is non-invasive, and CoolSculpting® in Marietta, GA, requires little or no downtime.  It’s the perfect way to trim the fat without having to go under the knife. If you have been searching for a way to trim stubborn unwanted fat in certain parts of your body without surgery, CoolSculpting® in Marietta, GA, is the solution for you. Our team of Medical Professionals wants to help you freeze away unwanted fat for good with no needles, no surgery, and no downtime. Ideal Image believes confidence changes everything, and we want to help you look your best inside and out. 

An Unbeatable Team For CoolSculpting® In Marietta, GA

Our Aesthetic Consultants are ready to schedule your free private consultation virtually or in person. During your consultation, they will discuss treatment options with you and build a plan centered around your body and your goals. A personalized treatment plan will then be created specifically for you based on your personal needs.  Once your treatment plan is set, our Medical Professionals are ready to carry out the treatment best suited for  you. Ideal Image has a large team of Medical Professionals who have been extensively trained with over 200 additional hours at the Ideal Image Institute. No one has more experience in non-invasive skin, face, and body treatments. Our expert team is led by a medical board of highly-trained and credentialed doctors. Our highly trained Medical Professionals expertly use a patented cooling technology designed to eliminate fat cells in the areas of concern. Ideal Image uses this FDA-cleared technology as a safe and effective way to target and freeze fat cells during CoolSculpting® in Marietta, GA. These frozen fat cells will quickly shrink, and your body will get rid of them naturally. Once the treated fat cells are gone, they are gone for good.  We stand behind our treatments and believe our techniques equate to even more fat loss. You finally have the chance to get the results you have been dreaming of. 

What To Expect With CoolSculpting® In Marietta, GA

Our CoolSculpting® team wants to work closely with real people who want real results. These treatments are safe and effective and will trim the fat without surgery. There are treatments available for everybody and every body. You have the opportunity to eliminate up to 25% of treated fat cells and notice the results within 2-3 months.  If you are ready to move forward, here are a few hints to be aware of ahead of time. These may help you feel better prepared for your appointment.  Before Treatment: 
  • Avoid Aspirin or Ibuprofen leading up to your appointment.
  • Before you begin, our team will take pictures and record your weight. 
  • Your personalized treatment plan will be reviewed prior to your treatment to ensure everything is exactly as it should be. 
  During Treatment: 
  • There may be some slight pulling or pinching during treatment with very minimal discomfort. 
  • Treatments typically last 35-70 minutes, depending on the area being targeted. Overall visit times may vary. 
  • You can relax during your CoolSculpting® treatment. Whether you are working, reading, or even napping, multi-tasking is completely doable during treatment. 
After Treatment: 
  • There will be noticeable changes anywhere from three weeks to three months after your first treatment.
  • You should schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss your results.
  • Try and maintain your healthy eating and exercise routines.
Ideal Image’s CoolSculpting® in Marietta, GA, is ready to help you get rid of stubborn fat for good.  Naturally eliminating the fat cells that have been frozen has never been easier or safer.  Once these fat cells are gone, they are really gone for good. Ideal Image also proudly offers a Lifetime Guarantee Membership*.  With it, you have the exciting chance to schedule future visits with us at great rates and continue to live your targeted lifestyle.  For more information, take some time to visit our CoolSculpting® resource page today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas can we treat with CoolSculpting® in Marietta, GA?
  • You might consider your arms, thighs, or back for your targeted areas. However, the stomach, abdomen, and chin are also popular areas. Feel free to ask your Aesthetic Consultant for more information. 
What does CoolSculpting® feel like?
  • During the first few minutes, you may feel slight pressure and intense cold. However, this will not last very long. During the treatment, you can just sit back and relax, knowing that you are in highly-capable, experienced hands.  
How much does CoolSculpting® cost?
  • The price of CoolSculpting® is primarily based on your height and weight, the area being treated, and the amount of fat you want to eliminate. Everyone is different, and so are the costs. 

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