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Achieve Permanent Fat Elimination With Coolsculpting® In Toco Hills, GA

Many people are frustrated that there is no way to remove unwanted pockets of fat without going through a major surgery. Ideal Image has the solution to get rid of that fat - and the frustration - once and for all through innovative and advanced treatments built around the needs of the individual. It is easy to get trimmer and stay slimmer with an FDA-cleared treatment like Coolsculpting® in Toco Hills, GA And the best part? You can get rid of all that unwanted fat without going under the knife. 

Coolsculpting® In Toco Hills, GA = No Needles, No Surgery, And No Downtime Required

Using an FDA-cleared process, our Medical Professionals at Ideal Image apply CoolSculpting® using a series of cooling wands over the skin. Without creating any incisions, the CoolSculpting® machine can target and eliminate unwanted fat cells by freezing them. If you are dealing with pockets of stubborn fat that will not go away no matter how rigorously you exercise, then you might be a great candidate for this treatment. 

How Does Coolsculpting® In Toco Hills, GA, Work?

When you meet with your medical team at your local Ideal Image point of care for the first time, you will be welcomed into a comfortable environment that caters to your individual needs. Most sessions of Coolsculpting® in Toco Hills, GA, last an average of 30-70 minutes, so you can expect a short and sweet office visit. This makes it easy to schedule a fat reduction session between busy appointments, classes, or work. Note that appointment times may vary.  During your visit, you will be told to expect a cooling sensation as Coolsculpting® in Toco Hills, GA, uses patented cooling technology to target stubborn areas of fat. Once frozen, the fat hardens, making it easier for your body to detect. Then your body will resorb the fat on its own in a natural process, leaving a minimal effect on your body. Using our cutting-edge process at Ideal Image, we can ensure that up to 25% of treated fat cells are eliminated after each session. From the moment you reach out to one of our Aesthetic Consultants online and weigh your interest in Coolsculpting® in Toco Hills, GA, you will be met with the individualized focus you deserve. You will then be matched with a team of Medical Professionals who will create a CoolSculpting® treatment around your medical needs and aesthetic goals. We can treat all types of problem areas using one of our non-surgical methods. 

Why Ideal Image Is The Best Choice For Coolsculpting® In Toco Hills, GA

As the leading national provider of CoolSculpting®, Ideal Image has proven that our safety, efficiency, and depth of care continue to land us at the top. But it’s not about us; each client has uniquely different needs that we can meet using one of our many top-of-the-line technologies and medically trained services. Not to mention, each of our Medical Professionals has completed over 200 additional hours of training at the Ideal Image Institute to ensure that we are keeping up with the most up-to-date CoolSculpting® practices.  We will help you craft a treatment plan to help you reach your goals. This treatment plan will outline where your sessions are and how many you will need. After your initial treatment, you will likely want to revisit one of our Ideal Image points of care for more sessions of Coolsculpting® in Toco Hills, GA. Our Medical Professionals will stay with you every step of the way, even after you are done with your in-office treatment. Again, there is no downtime and no recovery steps required.

Take Your CoolSculpting® Treatment To The Next Level With The Lifetime Guarantee Membership*

Ideal Image is passionate about making our non-surgical wellness treatments available to people of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life. If you are interested in boosting your confidence in a convenient and quick way without going under the knife, then we want you to explore our CoolSculpting® offerings. Quick in-and-out office times make treatments accessible for even the busiest candidate, while our strong approval payment plans are available for those with a tight budget.  On top of it all, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee Membership* to clients interested in getting the most out of each and every session of Coolsculpting® in Toco Hills, GA. The Lifetime Guarantee Membership* offers discounts on current and future sessions of CoolSculpting®, making it easy to pick up right where you left off whenever you feel you are in need of treatment. Multiple sessions are often recommended for long-term results, and speaking with an Aesthetic Consultant is the first step to achieving a slimmer, trimmer you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does freezing the fat cells work so well?
  • CoolSculpting® is the medical answer to any fat-burning problem. Cells need to be broken down by your body in order to be resorbed. In order to make stubborn pockets of fat go away for good, they need to be frozen. This is how your body is able to identify them. The process of Coolsculpting® in Toco Hills, GA, does not require any needles, surgery, or downtime. 
How long do I have to wait before I see the results of my session from Coolsculpting® in Toco Hills, GA?
  • Every client has different needs, goals, and treatment plans, so the average time for results can vary. However, many clients start noticing results between two and three months following their treatment. As long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine, you can enjoy these results for many months following. 
Why choose Ideal Image for Coolsculpting® in Toco Hills, GA?
  • As a leading provider of non-surgical medical treatments for both aesthetic and medical wellness, Ideal Image is proud to have a reputation as a safe and cutting-edge place for worry-free care. Coolsculpting® in Toco Hills, GA, combines the efficiency of quick office treatments with the efficacy of any other fat removal treatment, ensuring results that last long after you leave the office chair. 
What happens if I gain the weight back after my session?
  • While it is possible to gain the weight back throughout your body, it is not possible for stubborn pockets of fat to reform where you were treated for their removal. Thankfully, the CoolSculpting® machines are designed to truly break down and harden existing fat cells in the area, preventing them from reappearing. If you gain weight again in the future, it will be more evenly distributed.

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