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CoolSculpting® In Arundel Mills, MD, Lets You Freeze Away Unwanted Fat For Good

You deserve to feel thrilled about how you look and who you are, both inside and out. It doesn’t often take much to help you feel that way, as something as simple as a daily workout regimen can help you keep a clear mind and a slim body. But what if there are some workout techniques that just aren’t helping you reduce fat no matter what you do?  Ideal Image has the answer to getting rid of these stubborn fat cells no matter where they may exist in the body. With CoolSculpting® in Arundel Mills, MD, you can get closer to your body goals than ever before without having to sign up for an extensive surgery treatment. With no incisions, no downtime, and no scheduling needs required, CoolSculpting® is the medically-approved answer to trimming pockets of fat where it really counts. 

CoolSculpting® In Arundel Mills, MD, Gives You Noticeable And Long-Lasting Results

Many clients wonder how long Ideal Image has been a provider of CoolSculpting® in Arundel Mills, MD. When Ideal Image first opened its doors in 2001, our small but dedicated team of Medical Professionals and Aesthetic Consultants committed to a lifetime of healthy and effective practices that are custom-built around each and every client. Over 20 years later, we have expanded to open over 170 points of care across the United States. As one of our most popular treatments to date, CoolSculpting® provides naturalistic fat reduction treatments by targeting unwanted fat cells and freezing them with ultrasound technology.  Once the targeted fat cells are blasted with freezing rays, they will start to dry up and harden. This makes them easily noticed by your body, which will do the rest of the work on its own to break down the remaining fat. CoolSculpting® is a revolutionary technology due to its ability to specifically and precisely target pockets of fat from the surface, providing a means of natural elimination without needing a single incision.  But the advantages don’t stop there. After just 2-3 months following your treatment of CoolSculpting® in Arundel Mills, MD, you will start to notice real results. You will immediately achieve a slimmer and trimmer look without having to go through a taxing surgery situation. Rather than putting your body through stress just to achieve your goals, you can introduce it to a series of healthy, non-invasive treatments with permanent results you are meant to enjoy. 

Get A Natural, Youthful-Looking Appearance With CoolSculpting® In Arundel Mills, MD, At Ideal Image

Clients of all ages, body types, skin tones, and sizes are eligible to receive the lifetime of benefits that come from signing up for CoolSculpting® in Arundel Mills, MD, at Ideal Image. Those looking to trim down just a few pockets of stubborn fat will be able to experience the same stellar benefits as those who need to reduce stubborn fat in multiple areas of the body.  Clients visit us time and time again for any and all CoolSculpting® needs because:
  • Not only is this non-surgical process one of the more accessible ways to achieve a slimmer and trimmer look without harming your body, but it is also affordable. In addition to our payment plans, Ideal Image offers a Lifetime Guarantee Membership* to those who want in on future discounts and deals. This keeps rates low and personalized treatments a possibility for anyone who wants a quick and easy confidence boost.
  • It is easy to schedule a session of CoolSculpting® in Arundel Mills, MD, during any time of the day, or even during a busy workweek, as most in-office sessions last just 35 minutes. This is the perfect treatment for someone who can’t afford to miss work but doesn’t want to forego any self-care needs. Keep in mind that your entire Ideal Image visit time may vary. 
  • There is no prep time required, as you can schedule a session with your Aesthetic Consultant for a time that works best for you. Once your session is complete, you can immediately return to your life, as there is no downtime needed. This lightning-fast CoolSculpting® treatment is built around your body and works fast to encourage a natural fat-burning process on the inside.
You never have to worry about whether or not your Medical Professional has your best interests in mind or if they even remember some of the specific details about you that can help you get the best of care. At Ideal Image, we assign a team of Aesthetic Consultants and Medical Professionals who are dedicated to guiding you through this process before, during, and after any treatments you may receive. Much like our treatments, the care that we give is designed to last a lifetime. 

No Needles, No Surgery, No Recovery Time Necessary - Sign Up For CoolSculpting® In Arundel Mills, MD, Today

You don’t need to resign yourself to having unwanted pockets of fat that will never go away despite your regular exercise routine. If you are doing everything you can to stay slim and trim and you need some extra help getting rid of the pudge without going under the knife, then you may be a perfect candidate for CoolSculpting® in Arundel Mills, MD. Reach out to one of our Aesthetic Consultants for a free consultation to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CoolSculpting® in Arundel Mills, MD, an affordable treatment?
We work hard to make sure everyone can access our non-surgical aesthetic services for the betterment of their health. We have several financing options, helping clients pay for their CoolSculpting® treatment over time. Clients are also encouraged to join the Lifetime Guarantee Membership*, where you can find additional offers and discounts. 
How long do I need to wait before I see the results of my CoolSculpting® treatment?
Every client is different, so your Medical Professional can tell you exactly how long you can expect to wait for the results of CoolSculpting® in Arundel Mills, MD, to show up. The average client starts to see noticeable changes within 2-3 months following their in-office treatment.
Does CoolSculpting® come with any risks?
There are almost no risks associated with a non-invasive and surgery-free treatment such as CoolSculpting®. However, there are a couple of side effects that clients should know about, including pinches of pain and discomfort during the in-office treatment. Our Medical Professionals will work diligently throughout your treatment to ensure maximum comfort. During recovery, there are no known issues or side effects to be concerned about.  

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