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Laser Hair Removal

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Achieve Silky Smooth Skin For Good With Laser Hair Removal In Braintree, MA

You don’t have to deal with strawberry legs or sharp razors anymore: wake up every day with smooth skin after a personalized treatment of Laser Hair Removal in Braintree, MA. Using our FDA-cleared and professionally-administered treatments, we can help you achieve the hairless look you’ve always wanted without forcing you to go through lengthy surgeries or painful recovery processes.

How Laser Hair Removal In Braintree, MA, Works

All you need to do in order to start receiving custom hair removal treatments is to schedule a one-on-one consultation with an Aesthetic Consultant at your nearest Ideal Image point of care. During your session, you’ll be able to discuss your biggest needs which will help us find the perfect solution. You may be dealing with ingrown hairs that are causing a patchy appearance on your skin, or perhaps you are tired of your hair growth and just want it to stop. Laser Hair Removal in Braintree, MA, uses a series of hot laser lights that target hair follicles at the root, destroying and blasting away unwanted hair over time. After you continue to treat your follicles with this series of laser treatments, they will gradually fall out. The results will leave you with hair-free skin, giving you the smoothness you’ve always wanted.

Make Ideal Image Your Ideal Choice For Laser Hair Removal In Braintree, MA

As one of the largest and the most trusted names in Laser Hair Removal in North America, Ideal Image takes pride in our superior practices. We take a client-first approach, centering individual needs and desires while curating our treatments accordingly. For over 20 years, we have refined the perfect balance between high-end treatments and accessibility, making Laser Hair Removal in Braintree, MA, the best way to treat yourself without breaking the bank. We ensure that our Laser Hair Removal clients are taken care of for life. The Lifetime Guarantee Membership* offers exclusive discounts on current and future treatments of Laser Hair Removal in Braintree, MA. If you have decided that this is the best method for you to become hair-free without going under the knife, then reach out to one of our Aesthetic Consultants today for a free consultation.

Laser Hair Removal
Frequently Asked Questions

Does Laser Hair Removal hurt?
As a surgery-free treatment, Laser Hair Removal does not require numbing or anesthesia. While the expectation of pain is low, some clients do report a burning feeling when the laser is in use. However, this sensation should fade away quickly, and there should be no lingering signs of pain or discomfort. As soon as you complete your custom session of Laser Hair Removal in Braintree, MA, you are free to go about your day in comfort and confidence.
How long does it take to see results after a custom-made session of Laser Hair Removal?
Depending on the location of your unwanted hair follicles, the condition of your skin, and several other factors, it may take up to a month to start noticing real results. However, most of our clients happily report noticeable results much sooner than that. On average, you can expect to notice the results of your weakened follicles in 3-4 weeks.
Can I get Laser Hair Removal in Braintree, MA, on more than one part of the body?
Some clients want to target one particular area of the body with Laser Hair Removal. Others may be interested in going completely hair-free and carefree in a number of different spots on the body. With Laser Hair Removal in Braintree, MA, you can target a number of body parts at once. That way, you can meet all of your goals in an efficient and effective way.

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