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Laser Hair Removal

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Ideal Image wants to be a part of your journey to silky smooth skin with Laser Hair Removal in Burlington, MA. As the #1 brand in aesthetics and wellness, we are confident we can help you rid yourself of that stubborn unwanted hair on your body once and for all. We truly believe that confidence changes everything and that everyone should have the chance to feel their best inside and out. With Laser Hair Removal in Burlington, MA, you can. Imagine for a moment that you could ditch the waxing kits, tweezers, and endless shaving creams. With Ideal Image, you don’t have to just imagine it. Now, with unbeatable Laser Hair Removal in Burlington, MA, you can live it and experience a safer, easier hair loss technique than ever before.

No Razors, No Wax. No Kidding!

First, you will be connected with an Aesthetic Consultant who will help you craft a personalized treatment plan just for you. From there, one of our Medical Professionals will work to carry out your treatment plan. The Medical Professionals who will perform the Laser Hair Removal in Burlington, MA, are extensively trained and have earned over 200 hours of additional experience at the Ideal Image Institute. They have mastered the process of Laser Hair Removal and stand behind it as one of the safest ways to reduce stubborn body hair. Using cutting-edge, state-of-the-art equipment and technology, the FDA-cleared treatments of Laser Hair Removal are safe and effective. These specialized lasers will target and destroy unwanted hair within minutes, right at the roots. This works by sending light pulses to the hair follicles, killing them and eventually stopping future hair growth. Once these follicles are completely damaged, the hair will fall out, leaving you with silky smooth skin. If any new hair grows back, it will be finer and lighter.

Hair-Free And Carefree

If you are on a wellness journey and want to get silky, smooth skin, schedule your free consultation with one of our Aesthetic Consultants for Laser Hair Removal in Burlington, MA. Plus, be sure to check out all of the exciting services and promotions that are available today!

Laser Hair Removal
Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Laser Hair Removal in Burlington, MA, cost?
The cost of this treatment is different for everyone. It depends on the number of treatments and the size of the targeted area. The cost will be discussed when you meet with your Aesthetic Consultant for your one-on-one consultation.
What does Laser Hair Removal feel like?
Some of our clients have described the feeling to be similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin. This discomfort does not last long, and there are some creams or lotions that will help. Our Medical Professionals will work to ensure your comfort throughout treatment and beyond.
Who performs Laser Hair Removal in Burlington, MA?
Ideal Image’s Laser Hair Removal treatments are performed by our highly trained Medical Professionals.

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