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Get Silky, Smooth Skin With Laser Hair Removal In Creve Coeur, MO

Trying to manage unwanted hair requires quite a bit of work, money, time, and energy. Most people have some sort of regular shaving or waxing routine. Wouldn’t it be a relief to have a way to get permanent hair reduction instead of dealing with razor burn, the pain of waxing, shaving creams, and tweezers? At Ideal Image, we have created the best way to reduce unwanted hair for good. We are proud to have a solution for our clients. With Laser Hair Removal in Creve Coeur, MO, we have created a safe and highly effective treatment alternative that is suitable for all skin types.

How Does Laser Hair Removal In Creve Coeur, MO, Work To Reduce Hair For Good?

At Ideal Image, we have Medical Professionals who perform our treatments with FDA-cleared lasers targeting hair at its root. They work with you on the specific areas where you want relief and create a treatment plan to get you the results you want. Laser Hair Removal in Creve Coeur, MO, uses laser technology that pulses out light when it is focused on the target area. The light contains highly concentrated energy that destroys the follicle that holds the hair. When this hair follicle is destroyed, no new hair growth can occur. The laser is able to do this for numerous hair follicles with each pulse, killing multiple individual hairs at one time. Our highly trained Medical Professionals know the specific laser that will work best for your skin so that you can experience great results from your treatments. At Ideal Image, we want to keep our clients as comfortable as possible during their Laser Hair Removal treatments. Our lasers have a cooling device that helps create a more comfortable experience during treatments. Each time the laser pulses, the cooling device blows cool air onto the treatment area. As you do more and more Laser Hair Removal treatments, fewer and fewer hairs will grow back.

The Many Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal In Creve Coeur, MO

With Laser Hair Removal in Creve Coeur, MO, you will experience some of these great benefits:
  • Treatments are quick and average about 30 minutes per session but some larger areas could take more time.
  • There is no downtime, and this is a non-invasive hair removal treatment.
  • We can do treatments on different areas of the body, including legs, bikini lines, arms, eyebrows, facial areas, and a number of other areas.
Most clients will need to schedule a number of sessions based on how much hair they want to have removed as well as the number of areas they want to be treated. The good news is that at Ideal Image, we help you build a custom treatment plan to fit your wants and needs. We also understand that touch-ups will need to happen, so we offer a Lifetime Guarantee Membership* to ensure you’re covered.

Why Is Laser Hair Removal In Creve Coeur, MO, The Best Choice To Manage Unwanted Hair?

Our goal at Ideal Image is to offer aesthetic treatments that are wellness-centered, effective, and focused on our client’s needs. Our treatments are delivered by licensed Medical Professionals, which is why we are North America’s #1 medical aesthetics provider that has delivered over 20 million treatments throughout the last 20 years.

Laser Hair Removal
Frequently Asked Questions

Can there be risks with Laser Hair Removal?
There are very few risks with our Laser Hair Removal treatments because we use cutting-edge technology and hold ourselves to the highest standards of safety.
How long after my treatments will I start to see results from the Laser Hair Removal treatments?
With Laser Hair Removal in Creve Coeur, MO, you will start seeing results within the first 3-4 weeks, with the caveat that results can be different for each client. In order to get the best results from your treatment, our Medical Professionals will let you know how many treatments you will need to really see the results that you want.
How much does Laser Hair Removal in Creve Coeur, MO, cost?
Our Laser Hair Removal pricing is customized for each unique client because each client has their own individualized needs. The factors that determine your overall cost include the number of treatments you will need to get your desired results and how many areas you want to have treated.

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