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Freeze Away Unwanted Fat For Good With CoolSculpting® In O’Fallon, MO

When you put in the work to make yourself feel good inside and out, it shows. Maintaining your own habits of diet and exercise can help you go far in your body image goals. To help you reach even further in your journey to strong confidence and self-esteem, you may find CoolSculpting® in O’Fallon, MO, to be the perfect final touch to achieving fat reduction. At Ideal Image, we offer this FDA-cleared, non-invasive cooling treatment as a way to get rid of those stubborn fat cells that aren’t going away with your regular exercise routines. You can schedule an unlimited number of tune-up sessions with our Medical Professionals at your local point of care, where you will be treated with the attention you deserve.

How Does CoolSculpting® In O’Fallon, MO, Work?

Using a patented cooling system, the CoolSculpting® in O’Fallon, MO, process controls, targets, and freezes stubborn fat cells from many different areas of the body. CoolSculpting® uses cooling technology to kill unwanted lingering fat. While CoolSculpting® is not a weight loss solution, it is a great rejuvenating treatment for creating a slimmer and trimmer shape without having to go under the knife. Not to mention, CoolSculpting® in O’Fallon, MO, is safe and non-invasive. After your fat cells are frozen, your body takes over from there, naturally eliminating them by resorbing them over time. No downtime is required either, with results from your first session being noticeable within 2-3 months.

Why Choose Ideal Image For Your CoolSculpting® In O’Fallon, MO, Treatment?

Ideal Image is the largest national provider of CoolSculpting®, and our special techniques offer unmatched results for clients of all ages and sizes. There is absolutely no surgery, no incisions, and no recovery time required. We invest in the best, both in safety and in treatment, with our staff focused on giving you the empowering treatment you deserve. By centering your health and comfort needs, we will work with you to create a personalized plan of care. With CoolSculpting® in O’Fallon, MO, you will also enjoy the following benefits when you choose Ideal Image:
  • Up to 25% of fat cells are eliminated with each CoolSculpting® session.
  • The only FDA-cleared fat-freezing technique is available at your local point of care.
  • Achieve the body contouring you’ve always wanted.
  • Save even more money with each CoolSculpting® session when you sign up for the Lifetime Guarantee Membership*.
  • Get personalized care from start to finish with our Aesthetic Consultants, who will be there with you every step of the way.
CoolSculpting® at Ideal Image is more than just a wellness treatment; it’s a promise of rejuvenation, fat elimination, self-confidence, and empowerment. Our CoolSculpting® in O’Fallon, MO, technique offers even more fat loss than the average treatment, with results that last you for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Ideal Image been providing CoolSculpting® in O’Fallon, MO?
Ideal Image first opened its doors in 2001 in Tampa, Florida. For over 20 years, our Medical Professionals and Aesthetic Consultants across North America have been providing top-notch wellness services such as CoolSculpting® in O’Fallon, MO, with high rates of success. You can customize your own CoolSculpting® experience when you get in touch with us today.
What parts of the body are treated by CoolSculpting®?
Our advanced CoolSculpting® technology can target multiple areas of the body at once in each session. The most common areas that we treat include the chin, neck, back, arms, legs, sides, abdomen, and buttocks.
Does CoolSculpting® in O’Fallon, MO, come with any risks?
There are very minimal risks associated with a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment like CoolSculpting® in O’Fallon, MO. There may be some discomfort and pinching during the in-office treatment, but these feelings should fade as soon as the treatment is complete.

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