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Laser Hair Removal Is For Everyone

Whether you're looking to remove unwanted facial hair or dealing with body hair discomfort, Laser Hair Removal can be the solution to a more confident you. At Ideal Image, our mission is to help you reach your desired goals and feel your best. Our modern technology captures most every hair type (excluding gray hair) and every type of skin, making Laser Hair Removal in Henderson, NV, accessible to more people than ever before.

Save Time And Money Compared To Shaving And Waxing

Over the years, the cost of at-home hair removal has skyrocketed. Disposable razors and shaving creams are more expensive than in years past. Plus, relying on regular hair grooming means taking time out of your busy schedule. With Laser Hair Removal in Henderson, NV, you can be ready to enjoy time with friends and family without the fuss of getting rid of unwanted hair.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work

Laser Hair Removal is a treatment that uses a laser to target and remove unwanted hair. The laser emits a concentrated beam of light absorbed by the pigment, or melanin, in the hair follicles. The light causes the hair follicle to heat up and become damaged, inhibiting future hair growth. During treatment, we provide you with protective eyewear to shield your eyes from the laser during the treatment. Our Medical Professionals will then use a handheld device that moves over your skin, emitting pulses of light that target the hair follicles. The treatment length depends on the area's size, but on average, our Medical Professionals can treat small areas like the underarms in as little as 20 minutes.

Commonly Treated Areas

Both men and women struggle to find long-term solutions to manage unwanted hair. Whether you have back hair that leaves you feeling uncomfortable when working out or you're simply tired of the hassle of treating cuts and bumps from shaving — Laser Hair Removal in Henderson, NV, offers convenient treatment options to fit your needs. The most commonly treated areas include:

Comfort At Ideal Image

Your comfort is our number one priority. That’s why our Medical Professionals performing Laser Hair Removal in Henderson, NV, use state-of-the-art lasers that employ the patented Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD™) to deliver consistent bursts of protective cryogen before and after each laser pulse. This technology is considered the industry's gold standard of Laser Hair Removal and aids in providing you with the most comfortable experience possible during treatment.

The Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal At Ideal Image

Our team of Medical Professionals understands that every individual has a unique need when seeking treatment. Laser Hair Removal in Henderson, NV, offers clients affordable plans for any budget. Every treatment journey starts with a free consultation with an Aesthetic Consultant to personalize your unique treatment plan. Feel confident to put your trust in Ideal Image. With over 170 locations across the U.S. and treatments led by highly-skilled Medical Professionals, we are America's number-one choice for Laser Hair Removal.

Laser Hair Removal
Frequently Asked Questions

Why Ideal Image for Laser Hair Removal?
We are America's number one choice for Laser Hair Removal and have over 20 years of experience performing Laser Hair Removal treatments by Medical Professionals.
Who can get Laser Hair Removal?
While Laser Hair Removal is most effective on fair skin and dark, coarse hair, Ideal Image provides a range of laser types to accommodate different skin types and complexions. Individuals with darker skin tones can also achieve optimal results, making Laser Hair Removal in Henderson, NV, a viable option for anyone seeking real results.
How is Laser Hair Removal different from electrolysis?
Compared to electrolysis, Laser Hair Removal is a faster hair removal method. While electrolysis treats only one hair at a time, Laser Hair Removal can target multiple hairs with each laser pulse – making the process much quicker, treating small areas like the underarms in as little as twenty minutes.

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