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Restore Your Natural, Youthful Look

Are you looking for a change to help boost your confidence and help you to look and feel younger? At Ideal Image, this is possible. With Botox® in Winston-Salem, NC, you can work to rejuvenate your skin or take a more proactive approach to looking and feeling younger. The Medical Professionals at Ideal Image want to help each and every client love the way they look and feel. Plus, they have performed millions of non-surgical treatments, so you can feel assured that you are in the right hands.

Customize To The Look You Want

If you are one of the several people who are looking to reduce wrinkles and minimize signs of aging, our experts are here for you. The Medical Professionals performing Ideal Image’s Botox® in Winston-Salem, NC, will inject Botox® into your facial muscle with a very tiny needle. The ingredients being injected are designed to freeze and relax muscles in the target area. This treatment will smooth out wrinkles, lines, crow’s feet, and creases on your forehead. It will then block the signal from the nerve to the muscle and will reduce its ability to contract and form future lines and wrinkles.

Real People, Real Results

With over 20 years of experience and over 20 million treatments performed, Ideal Image continues to be North America’s #1 medical aesthetics provider. Schedule your free consultation with one of our Aesthetic Consultants today to see what other exciting services and products we offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Botox® in Winston-Salem, NC, cost?
The cost is a little different. It all depends on your personal goals. Our Aesthetic Consultants will help you create a treatment plan to reach your goals and stay within your budget.
When will I see the results of Botox®?
Every client is different. However, you should notice some changes within 72 hours. Within 14 days, you should see the maximum effect.
How long does Botox® usually last?
The treatment can last anywhere from 3-6 months. You do have the option of scheduling future appointments.

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