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The Largest CoolSculpting® Provider In The U.S.

It’s no secret that many people have a strong desire to look and feel their best. In today’s society, what does that mean? Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, but there is one thing that yields universal beauty- confidence. Confidence changes everything. At Ideal Image, we know this, we value this, and we want to help all of our clients achieve confidence like never before. As the #1 brand in aesthetics and wellness, Ideal Image is proud to be with you for this journey. With over 20 years of experience and over 20 million completed treatments, we know that we can be an important part of helping you to look and feel your best both inside and out. We offer a number of treatments to help facilitate this boost in confidence, including CoolSculpting® in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. This non-surgical, non-invasive treatment is focused on helping you to get rid of unwanted body fat in various areas of the body. We have a team of highly-trained Medical Professionals who use a fat-reduction, patented cooling technology to eliminate fat cells without surgery or downtime. At Ideal Image, we truly believe this is the greatest way to trim fat without going under the knife. It can also be the first step in working towards the confidence that you deserve.

Real Results You Can See And Feel

Here is some great news for the many people who struggle with stubborn body fat. Ideal Image’s CoolSculpting® in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, is ready to help you eliminate unwanted body fat without recovery or downtime. This groundbreaking, FDA-cleared fat-freezing treatment will provide you with noticeable, long-lasting results you can see and feel without undue hassle. These treatments of CoolSculpting® in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, are natural, safe, and convenient and will quickly give you a more trimmed look. Our Medical Professionals have mastered the cutting-edge technology necessary to perform this fat-reducing process, and we are confident you will love the way you look. Again, CoolSculpting® in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, requires no downtime because there are no needles used and no surgery required. That means you can be in and out of your office visit in no time without a large disruption to your normal routine. At Ideal Image, we want to help you achieve unparalleled confidence in the safest, easiest, most effective way possible.

A Slimmer Trimmer You

If you are interested in getting started with CoolSculpting® in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, our Aesthetic Consultants are ready to help you create a personalized treatment plan and schedule your first appointment. Every treatment plan is personalized to you and your needs, so you can feel confident that you are getting the best in customized care. Learn more about CoolSculpting® in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, or contact Ideal Image today for your free consultation and check out all the services being offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks of CoolSculpting® in Cuyahoga Falls, OH?
The side effects are minimal, and you should be able to return to work and your daily schedule immediately following your treatment. Some clients say they felt temporary numbness or discomfort in the treated area, but it should not last long.
When will I see results from CoolSculpting® in Cuyahoga Falls, OH?
You will start to see changes as quickly as four weeks after your treatment. Your body will continue to naturally flush out fat cells for up to six months after treatment.
How much does CoolSculpting® cost?
Every client is different, and so is the price. It will depend on your current height, weight, the size of your treatment area, your goals, and more.

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