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Laser Hair Removal

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Goodbye Unwanted Hair, Hello Silky Smooth Skin

Ideal Image, North America’s #1 medical aesthetics provider, strongly believes confidence changes everything. You deserve to feel your best inside and out. Part of feeling your best is dealing with insecurities and things that make you uncomfortable, such as unwanted body hair. The struggle that often comes with unwanted hair on your body is over. If you are someone who wants silky smooth skin no matter what season of the year, Ideal Image’s Laser Hair Removal in Tulsa, OK, is here to help. Ideal Image believes in working with real people who want real results. Just imagine for a moment no more shaving, waxing, or tweezing. If you are ready to save time and money, the Medical Professionals who offer Laser Hair Removal in Tulsa, OK, want to work with you. By contacting one of our Aesthetic Consultants at Ideal Image’s Laser Hair Removal in Tulsa, OK, and scheduling your free consultation, you will be on your way to silky, smooth skin for life. We strongly believe Laser Hair Removal is the best way to reduce hair for good. Most clients see results after the very first treatment.

Permanent Hair Reduction

Ideal Image believes every client is unique and has different wellness goals. That is why our Aesthetic Consultants will work with you one on one to create a specific Laser Hair Removal treatment plan with only your individual needs in mind. From there, our Medical Professionals who provide Laser Hair Removal in Tulsa, OK, will work with you to carry out the customized plan to your liking. The Medical Professionals performing Laser Hair Removal in Tulsa, OK, at Ideal Image have been highly trained and have mastered the Laser Hair Removal treatment process. You have the chance to target any area on your body that you are concerned with, and we can remove as much or as little hair as you like. Here are some common areas to consider.
  • Bikini Line: Our bikini line area is one of the most common areas to remove unwanted hair. It is often the easiest and fastest area to treat.
  • Arms: Getting ready to go sleeveless or strapless? Consider removing hair in this area and feel great about your upper, lower, or underarms. Did you know that underarms are actually the most popular spot for Laser Hair Removal?
  • Legs: Do you want to feel confident in the way your legs look and want to cut your shower time in half? Get ready to have silky smooth legs in all seasons.
  • Eyebrows: Take a minute to notice the shape of your eyebrows and the space between them. A little separation is a good thing. Explore Laser Hair Removal on the face or around the eyebrows today.

Non-Invasive, No Downtime

The Medical Professionals who perform Laser Hair Removal in Tulsa, OK, are highly trained and will expertly use cutting-edge equipment and technology. So how does the process work? Specialized lasers help to eliminate unwanted hair according to your customized plan. These FDA-cleared specialized lasers send off pulses of light that target the unwanted hair at the roots. This energy will damage the follicles and eventually stop the growth of hair in that area. Over time the damaged hair will fall out, and the new hair that might grow back will be finer and lighter, and there will be less of it. Plus, the state-of-the-art equipment helps to minimize downtime after the process is completed. This non-invasive Laser Hair Removal treatment usually lasts about 30-35 minutes, depending on the size of the targeted area. The best news is there is no recovery time, so you are free to return to work or your daily activities. Keep in mind that your office visit time may vary.

Ready To Be Hair-Free And Carefree?

The Aesthetic Consultants at Ideal Image are ready to hear from you and set up your first appointment for Laser Hair Removal in Tulsa, OK. Building your confidence and self-esteem is essential. The team at Ideal Image would like to help you along this journey so schedule your free consultation today! Check out more services and offers from Ideal Image.

Laser Hair Removal
Frequently Asked Questions

Are there some risks with Laser Hair Removal?
Our Medical Professionals use cutting-edge technology so there are minimal risks. Ideal Image’s Laser Hair Removal in Tulsa, OK, is conducted with the highest standards of safety.
How much does Laser Hair Removal cost?
The cost is different for every client. We offer affordable treatments for any budget. Pricing and payment plans will be discussed in your free initial consultation.
What does Laser Hair Removal in Tulsa, OK, feel like?
Compared to waxing and other forms of hair removal, it is considered to be mild. Many people describe the feeling as similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin. Our top-of-the-line laser technology includes the Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD™). This device delivers bursts of cryogen before and after each laser pulse to protect your skin, ensuring a comfortable experience during your treatment.

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