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Achieve Permanent Hair Reduction With Laser Hair Removal In Arlington, TX

You deserve to feel and look your best throughout all stages of life. As you continue along your wellness journey, you have probably picked up on some best practices to maintain and keep your body looking good. It would not be surprising if some of these daily habits, such as shaving and waxing your skin, became annoying after a while. If only there were a way to get rid of unwanted body hair for good without investing so much time in painful hair removal practices every day. Ideal Image is dedicated to centering your aesthetic goals by offering many non-invasive services. Our innovative and highly personalized treatments of Laser Hair Removal in Arlington, TX, can target hair at the root and permanently weaken follicles to reduce the likelihood of hair growth. No matter the tone or texture of your skin, Laser Hair Removal is the perfect treatment for you.

How Laser Hair Removal In Arlington, TX, Works

One of the unique advantages that come out of non-surgical hair reduction solutions like Laser Hair Removal in Arlington, TX, is that the results of this treatment are highly effective and long-lasting compared to other types of wellness treatments. Without having to commit to anesthesia and without being resigned to a lifetime of annoying waxing and shaving needs, you can get silky-smooth skin for life. Here’s how it works:
  1. Once you sign up for a personal consultation with one of our Aesthetic Consultants, you will be able to schedule your Laser Hair Removal treatment soon thereafter at your local Ideal Image point of care.
  2. During the Laser Hair Removal treatment, Medical Professionals will administer a lightning-fast laser treatment, delivering hot blasts of light to targeted follicles. This weakens them over time, eventually causing them to fall out. It will become harder and harder for the targeted area of your body to produce hair.
  3. After just a few short weeks, you will start to see stunning results from your sessions of Laser Hair Removal in Arlington, TX. There is no downtime or recovery required, which means you are allowed to go right back to work or school after your short in-office treatment.

Laser Hair Removal In Arlington, TX, Is An Ideal Choice For All Shapes And Sizes

It has never been easier to achieve your goals regardless of age, size, skin tone, or skin texture. One of the advantages of our dynamic Laser Hair Removal treatments is that they are designed to meet the unique needs of each and every client. What’s more, Laser Hair Removal in Arlington, TX, can target one or multiple parts of the body. You may be a good candidate for this treatment if you are looking to remove hair on your: If you are looking to remove hair from a particular part of your body and you want to learn about effective treatment options, do not hesitate to reach out to an Ideal Image Aesthetic Consultant for a free consultation. As an effective and efficient FDA-cleared treatment designed to permanently reduce hair without requiring surgery, Laser Hair Removal is sure to deliver good and quick results. Sign up for your first session by getting in touch with an Aesthetic Consultant at your local Ideal Image point of care today.

Laser Hair Removal
Frequently Asked Questions

Does Laser Hair Removal in Arlington, TX, come with any risks?
Since Laser Hair Removal does not require surgery or an incision, it is a very low-risk treatment. The laser itself can run hot, and some clients might feel slight discomfort, so our lasers have a pulse of cool air to make you feel comfortable during the treatment. With no downtime required, there are no expectations of lingering discomfort beyond the treatment.
How many sessions of Laser Hair Removal should I get?
It is important to center your goals when scheduling future sessions of Laser Hair Removal in Arlington, TX. Therefore, it is impossible to say how many sessions is right for you. Our Aesthetic Consultants will help you create the right treatment plan for you, your goals, and your budget in your initial consultation.
When will I start to see results from my first Laser Hair Removal treatment?
Everyone’s body is different, but many clients start to experience permanent hair reduction results as soon as two weeks following the in-office treatment. At most, you will wait one month before the results become fully apparent.

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