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The Largest CoolSculpting® Provider In The U.S.

Confidence changes everything. It’s no secret that we all just want to look and feel our best. Often the first step towards feeling more confident is feeling good about the body you have. Ideal Image’s CoolSculpting® in Colleyville, TX, is here to help you do just that. We proudly offer a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment to help target unwanted body fat. By using a fat-reduction, patented cooling technology to eliminate fat cells without surgery, this FDA-cleared treatment provides noticeable and long-lasting results to help create a slimmer, trimmer you. It’s the perfect way to trim the fat without having to go under the knife. Ideal Image proudly offers aesthetic and wellness services from a highly trained team of Medical Professionals who have had extensive training in CoolSculpting® treatments. With over 200 additional hours of training at the Ideal Image Institute, no one has more experience in non-invasive skin, face, and body treatments.

Trim Fat Without Surgery

Ideal Image’s CoolSculpting® in Colleyville, TX, targets stubborn body fat by using cooling technology to precisely target fat cells beneath the skin and freeze them away. In the weeks following this non-invasive treatment, the fat cells are then safely and naturally eliminated from the body. Over time, with a healthy diet and daily exercise, you will notice a more sculpted you. Plus, with CoolSculpting®, once the treated fat cells are gone, they’re gone for good. The treatments of CoolSculpting® in Colleyville, TX, are natural, convenient, and comfortable and will give you a more trimmed and sculpted look. Our Medical Professionals have mastered the cutting-edge technology necessary to perform this fat-reducing process, and we are confident you will love the results. Imagine being able to eliminate fat cells without going under the knife. With Ideal Image’s CoolSculpting® in Colleyville, TX, you can.

No Needles, No Surgery, No Recovery Time

Our Medical Professionals are experts in administering the CoolSculpting® treatment and are uniquely able to give you insight into the real results they’ve experienced first-hand. Ideal Image’s CoolSculpting® in Colleyville, TX, is ready to help rid yourself of stubborn fat for good. Naturally eliminating the frozen fat cells in your body has never been easier or safer. Once these fat cells are gone, they are really gone. Let’s work together and create a slimmer, trimmer you with ​​Ideal Image’s CoolSculpting® in Colleyville, TX, today! Reach out to one of our Aesthetic Consultants for a free consultation and be ready to feel your best both inside and out. For more information, take some time to visit Ideal Image’s services page today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks of the CoolSculpting® in Colleyville, TX?
With CoolSculpting® being non-invasive and requiring no downtime, the side effects and risks are minimal. You may feel temporary discomfort or numbness in the treated areas following the session, but this should not last long. If any uncomfortable feelings persist, our Medical Professionals are here to help at any time. Overall, however, it is a very safe and effective treatment option.
What happens to the frozen fat cells?
Soon after the fat cells are targeted and frozen, your body naturally and gradually sheds them. The fat cells actually die and are permanently gone from your body with the CoolSculpting® treatment. You’ll literally freeze them away.
How many treatments of CoolSculpting® in Colleyville, TX, are necessary?
Our Medical Professionals will work with you to customize an appropriate plan during your initial consultation. Together you will work to determine the size of the treatment areas and the number of sessions needed.

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