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Get Rid Of Unwanted Fat Without Surgery By Trying CoolSculpting® In Plano, TX, Today

If you are someone who enjoys putting in hard work and seeing good results, then you are the perfect candidate for any number of our body-shaping treatments here at Ideal Image. As someone who has an established diet and exercise routine, you don’t need any extra motivation to control the way your body is shaped. But if you have one or two pockets of stubborn fat that you can’t seem to control, you might be wondering where to go from here. CoolSculpting® in Plano, TX, is a solution offered to anyone looking to trim extra fat without going under the knife. If you are committed to your routines but feel discouraged by the stubborn pockets of fat that won’t go away no matter how hard you work out, then you can be first in line for this top-notch treatment. At Ideal Image, we work to uplift your own narrative by providing custom-built treatments that support a healthy and happy future.

Treat Up To 25% Of Targeted Fat Cells With CoolSculpting® In Plano, TX

Many who visit their local Ideal Image point of care wonder how we became North America’s leading provider of wellness treatments made to benefit your inner and outer health. Through hundreds of additional training hours, constant updates in technique and safety practices, and a constant commitment to uplifting individual needs, we have grown to open over 170 points of care across the United States, offering the best service in CoolSculpting® treatments. We make it possible for you to receive CoolSculpting® in Plano, TX, treatments on your own time. With quick in-office times of 30 - 90 minutes, you don’t need to worry about blocking an entire day or two off of your schedule just to take care of your permanent fat reduction needs. Plus, with no downtime required, you can jump right back into your busy day after receiving surgery-free care. Keep in mind that your entire visit time may vary.

Achieve Personally-Designed Benefits With Your Own Session Of CoolSculpting® In Plano, TX

During treatment, the CoolSculpting® device will be placed on the surface of your body, over the targeted fat cells you are looking to eliminate. The process of treatment involves the machine delivering a freezing blast to the fat cells, which causes them to harden and disappear. Your body takes care of the rest on its own, getting rid of up to 25% of the targeted cells after just a few months of waiting. The benefits don’t stop there. Clients have been able to experience a number of unique advantages from their personalized treatment of CoolSculpting® in Plano, TX, including:
  • A fully customizable treatment package that takes all of your needs and body image goals into consideration before suggesting an avenue of treatment that will work best for you.
  • All-natural, real-looking results, without a single scar or incision mark left behind from the treatment.
  • No need to take it easy or rest after your treatment as very few recovery requirements are needed, making it the perfect treatment for someone with a busy life.
  • A range of affordable financing plans and other payment options so that everyone can access the care they need. In addition to available financing options, we also offer a Lifetime Guarantee Membership* to those interested in returning for discounts on future CoolSculpting® treatments.
  • The ability to treat one or multiple parts of the body, including the abdomen, buttocks, legs, arms, chin, and more.
There are plenty of ways for you to achieve your body goals without ever having to consider enduring a surgical treatment. Rather than putting yourself and your body through something that may end up causing you months of pain and recovery, you can opt for this quick and easy treatment that will give you stunning results over time without getting in the way of you living your life.

Ideal Image Is Your Destination For CoolSculpting® In Plano, TX

Ideal Image is the largest provider of CoolSculpting® in the U.S., making us an ultimate resource for non-surgical and aesthetic treatments. Clients who sign up for CoolSculpting® in Plano, TX, at Ideal Image receive so much more than a one-time treatment that satisfies their immediate body goals; instead, a team of Aesthetic Consultants and Medical Professionals will be assigned to your care, setting you up with treatments that give you the results you want. Finally, it is easier than ever to get rid of stubborn fat without going under the knife. To get started and to schedule your own CoolSculpting® treatment, all you need to do is set up an appointment with an Aesthetic Consultant, either online or in person at your local point of care. From there, you can ask questions and talk about your needs to determine whether or not CoolSculpting® in Plano, TX, is right for you. Clients interested in returning for additional treatments can benefit from our Lifetime Guarantee Membership*, which offers reduced prices and other discounts on treatment bundles that you won’t find anywhere else. Schedule a free consultation, and by tomorrow you will be on your way to achieving a slimmer and trimmer you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why make Ideal Image my first choice for CoolSculpting® in Plano, TX?
Ideal Image has been offering CoolSculpting® and other non-surgical wellness treatments for over 20 years, making us a leading name in the industry. We are constantly updating our practices to ensure we are exceeding the greatest standards of safety and efficacy. What’s more, our Medical Professionals have completed over 200 additional hours of training in order to become an expert in not only CoolSculpting® but in administering individualized care. We will work with you to find a personalized treatment plan that suits your needs.
Are there any downsides associated with CoolSculpting®?
Since CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical treatment, the risk of adverse side effects is very low. Some clients report experiencing a pinching or tugging feeling during the treatment itself, as the CoolSculpting® machine works to send freezing rays into the body. There are no incisions required, so clients should not expect to be left with scars.
How many CoolSculpting® treatments should I get in order to achieve my goals?
Depending on the amount of stubborn fat you are looking to eliminate, as well as where it is located and how healthy you are, you may need to schedule several sessions at your local Ideal Image point of care. A good first step is to speak with your Aesthetic Consultant during your free consultation to find out if you are a good candidate for a personalized treatment of CoolSculpting® in Plano, TX.

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