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Laser Hair Removal In Houston, Texas

Most people struggle with unwanted hair somewhere on their body, but that doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way. At Ideal Image, we have Laser Hair Removal treatments for all skin tones so that nearly anyone can experience permanent hair reduction. Imagine the confidence you can experience from having smooth, silky skin without using razors, waxing, or tweezing. At Ideal Image, we have top licensed Medical Professionals who want to help you get rid of that unwanted hair so that you feel confident and carefree. Laser Hair Removal in Houston is the best way to reduce troublesome hair for good.

How Does Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser Hair Removal in Houston is the process of using highly concentrated energy to remove unwanted hair. Every hair comes from a stem cell that creates hair in the follicle. Our team uses exposure to pulses of light in order to destroy the hair follicle. The cells are damaged when the laser is used to heat up the pigment in the hair, leaving it unable to create more hair follicles.  At Ideal Image, our Medical Professionals use the right amount of energy and the right type of laser to make sure our clients are comfortable and that their treatments are effective.    During treatments, we also use a dynamic cooling device that sprays cool air directly onto the skin before and after the laser has pulsed, giving our clients the gold standard in comfort and safety. With every treatment, fewer and fewer hairs will grow back, leaving you feeling confident in your silky smooth skin.

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal In Houston?

There are a number of benefits associated with Laser Hair Removal in Houston, including: 
  • Convenience– Most treatments average just under 30 minutes. The overall experience may take slightly longer. There is also no recovery time needed. So after your treatment is complete, you can return to your normal routine or throw on a bathing suit and join family and friends in the pool.
  • AppearanceLaser Hair Removal in Houston gives you permanent hair reduction and silky, smooth skin for life–and we can remove as much or as little as you like.
Medically Safe–At Ideal Image, we only use FDA-cleared lasers. We are led by a medical board of dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and physicians. Laser Hair Removal in Houston is a non-invasive treatment with no downtime. Our physician assistants, registered nurses, and nurse practitioners are extensively trained.

What You Need To Know Before Your Laser Hair Removal Treatments

We want to make your experience as easy as possible so that you feel comfortable during your treatments. Prior to your first Laser Hair Removal treatment, you will meet with an Aesthetic  Consultant who can discuss your treatment plan and explain both the process and timeline of your treatments. During this conversation, our consultant will work with you to create a personalized plan that fits your exact needs.  We will walk you through your treatment journey. At the end of treatments, we want you to walk away feeling confident and excited about your results. Here are a few things to keep in mind for your Laser Hair Removal treatment: 
  • About 24 hours before your treatment, you should shave the treatment area in order to get the best results. 
  • All make-up and skin care products need to be removed before your treatment.
  • We will prep the Laser Hair Removal area by drawing white lines exactly where the treatments will take place.
  • You can bring headphones or a book to pass the time during your Laser Hair Removal in Houston.
  • After your Laser Hair Removal in Houston, you need to avoid self-tanning lotions, sun exposure, and tanning beds. 
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Laser Hair Removal
Frequently Asked Questions

Where on my body can I get Laser Hair Removal?
Our FDA-cleared lasers can target most areas of the body. Some of the most common areas that we treat for Laser Hair Removal in Houston are facial areas, legs, chest and back, bikini line, and underarms.
How is Laser Hair Removal different from electrolysis?
One of the biggest reasons that Laser Hair Removal is different from electrolysis is that it is much faster. With electrolysis, hair removal takes more time because you can only treat one hair at a time. With Laser Hair Removal, each pulse of the laser treats many hairs at once.
At what age can someone get Laser Hair Removal treatments?
We treat people over the age of 13, and we usually advise clients with gray hair that our laser treatments may not produce the results that they are looking for.

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