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Body Shaping With CoolSculpting® In Webster, TX

At Ideal Image, we believe in creating real results for real people. We know that confidence changes everything, and so we work to come alongside all of our clients to help them boost their confidence. When we feel good about ourselves, we radiate confidence. If you are looking for results and need help getting rid of unwanted fat without extra surgery, we are here to help you see results in as little as 2-3 months with our natural fat reduction treatments. CoolSculpting® in Webster, TX, is a non-invasive treatment that gives you the flexibility of targeting certain areas of your body that can help you feel confident every time you walk out your front door.

CoolSculpting® In Webster, TX – How It Works

CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical, ground-breaking treatment designed to freeze unwanted fat so that your body can get rid of stubborn fat that just won’t seem to go away. CoolSculpting® is cleared by the FDA to freeze away fat cells with a patented cooling treatment that allows your body to eliminate fat cells naturally. CoolSculpting® in Webster, TX, is a body shaping and contouring technique with no downtime. Without any needles or surgery, CoolSculpting® applies cold temperatures to unwanted fat cells. Because these cells are so sensitive to colder temperatures, they die off. Your immune system then begins to naturally eliminate the stubborn fat cells all on its own. In the weeks following your CoolSculpting® treatments, this natural process will continue to remove that extra layer of fat. Every treatment will result in up to 25% of treated fat cells being expelled from your body forever. CoolSculpting® in Webster, TX, helps you get the body you’ve always wanted without any needles, surgery, or recovery time. Ideal Image is the largest provider in the U.S. of CoolSculpting® treatments–we are also North America’s #1 medical aesthetics provider. At Ideal Image, our goal for all of our CoolSculpting® clients is to deliver results you can see and confidence you can feel.

Areas That We Can Treat With CoolSculpting® In Webster, TX

CoolSculpting® in Webster, TX, treatments can include several different areas within one appointment. Whenever you have a treatment, up to 25% of the treated fat cells will be gone forever. Some of the areas most suitable for getting a trimmer you are:
  • Arms & Thighs
  • Under Buttocks (Banana Roll) & Love Handles
  • Back Bulge & Double Chin
  • Stomach
  • Abdomen

Know Before You Go To Your First CoolSculpting® Treatment

Our Medical Professionals create personalized treatments to understand the needs of each client. We plan according to your height and weight and the areas you want to be treated. Each treatment plan will include post-care instructions, which are very important because 67% of your individual results are based on your post-treatment protocols. Before:
  • Before your treatments, you will get the best results if you can eat healthily and get consistent exercise. If you can stretch right before your appointment, that will help to reduce any chances of numbness or pain after your treatment.
  • Stay away from any anti-inflammatory medicine before your treatment – no Ibuprofen or Aspirin.
  • At the very beginning of your appointment, your Medical Professionals will start tracking your progress by recording your current weight and taking pictures.
  • Some people do feel a small pinching or pulling during their treatments. You may experience some discomfort with CoolSculpting® in Webster, TX.
  • Some clients will require a number of appointments, but some will only need one appointment. Each client’s treatment plan will be individualized to the number of areas that require treatment as well as the scope of those treatments.
  • You can bring a book, tablet, or phone to keep you distracted during your non-invasive treatments.
  • One of the top ways to see the best results after your treatment is to eat healthily and maintain regular exercise.
  • After your treatment, our staff will help you go ahead and make an appointment for your next treatment (if you need it). You’ll also be able to discuss your results with your Medical Professional.
  • You will start to see real results from your CoolSculpting® treatment somewhere between three weeks all the way up to three months.
  • Most clients experience some numbness, itchiness, or redness at the site of their treatments for three or four days after your appointment.
CoolSculpting® in Webster, TX, treatments were created to prevent fat cells from coming back in areas that have been treated. Our Medical Professionals’ goal for our clients’ treatments is that each person leaves feeling confident in themself after each treatment. Learn more about this treatment, and all of the amazing Ideal Image treatments, today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different types of payment options for CoolSculpting® in Webster, TX?
Yes. We want to make sure that we make our treatments available for anyone’s budget, so we offer payments with strong approvals. And, with our Lifetime Guarantee Program*, you can get additional savings.
Does CoolSculpting® have any major risks?
CoolSculpting® in Webster, TX, is a non-invasive treatment that doesn’t require needles, so it is very low risk to have CoolSculpting® treatments. Some clients experience numbness or some discomfort in the treated areas, and usually, this goes away fairly quickly.
What is the timeline for seeing results after my CoolSculpting® treatments?
Most clients will see dramatic results around 2-3 months after their first appointment, but some clients start to see change around the three-week mark. One of the greatest benefits of CoolSculpting® is that dead fat cells will continue to be flushed out of your body for the next six months after an individual treatment.

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