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Laser Hair Removal

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Get Silky, Smooth Skin For Life With Laser Hair Removal In Fairfax, VA

We’re excited to engage with and work with real people who want real results. If you are ready to be hair-free and carefree, Laser Hair Removal in Fairfax, VA, is the solution you have been waiting for.  At Ideal Image, we want to help you feel great about the way you look and help give you the proper confidence that you deserve. Confidence changes everything, and you deserve the chance to say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to silky smooth skin. No one has more experience in non-invasive skin, face, and body treatments than Ideal Image. We are the #1 brand in aesthetics and wellness, and for good reason. Visit Ideal Image for Laser Hair Removal in Fairfax, VA, for state of the art Laser Hair Removal. 

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal treatments at Ideal Image are provided by licensed Medical Professionals who have over 200 hours of additional training per practitioner at the Ideal Image Institute. The FDA-cleared lasers are the latest in cutting-edge technology. The follicles underneath the skin are targeted and damaged. The hair will eventually become finer and thinner and will fall out. The new hair that grows back will be less and much finer than before. Laser Hair Removal in Fairfax, VA, is a safe and effective solution to rid yourself of unwanted hair.  You have the opportunity to finally get rid of razors, tweezers, and creams for good. Our Laser Hair Removal treatments are quick and convenient without interfering with your daily routine. Depending on the targeted areas, most sessions average about 30 minutes or less. Your entire visit time may vary. You will experience very little pain or discomfort during the treatment. You may feel a slight pull or pinch, but discomfort should not last afterwards. Your end result will be silky, smooth skin in every season. 

No Razors, No Wax, No Kidding!

Ideal Image’s Laser Hair Removal in Fairfax, VA, offers a variety of affordable treatments designed for any budget. We have treatments tailored to everybody and every body. Start with your free consultation and we’ll help create a personalized treatment plan with just your needs in mind.  Contact the most trusted name in Laser Hair Removal today. 

Laser Hair Removal
Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure the hair won’t grow back?
  • Ideal Image offers a  Lifetime Guarantee Membership* for all clients. With it, you are able to come back in for a touch-up anytime you need it at a discounted rate.  
Who performs Laser Hair Removal treatments at Ideal Image?
  • Laser Hair Removal in Fairfax, VA is performed by our highly trained Medical Professionals that  are extensively trained in the most effective and safe treatments. 
How much does Laser Hair Removal cost?
  • The cost is different for everyone depending on the type of hair and size of the area being targeted. Remember, our Aesthetic Consultants are ready to work with you and answer any questions you may have about the treatment. 

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