4 signs that Ultherapy® Treatment is right for you

woman with head tilted holding face

One of the first noticeable, and therefore frustrating, signs of aging shows up in the skin. As you age, you may notice wrinkles, sagging skin under the neck and chin or a lowered eyebrow line. And if you’re not yet dealing with these symptoms, you may still be looking for a way to stay ahead of the game and prolong your youthful look.

You may assume a surgical face lift is the only option for improving your skin’s elasticity, but you’re in for a treat. Ultherapy® is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive treatment that can help you target these flaws and bring your natural, youthful glow back.

Wondering if you’re the right candidate? Here are a few signs that Ultherapy® is right for you:

1. Your skin needs some TLC

Are there any noticeable signs of aging in your face? Someone who has skin that looks and feels like it’s lost a degree of elasticity, making it more loose, makes the perfect candidate for Ultherapy®. If you appear to have loose skin under your chin, or sagging skin on your eyelids, it’s time for a taste of rejuvenation.

2. You’re interested in a non-invasive treatment

If your skin is less supple and youthful than it once was before, but you’re not interested in a surgical facelift, Ultherapy® is the perfect alternative. This option is ideal for those who are interested in targeting areas that need a lift, but are not ready for surgery. The Ultherapy® procedure delivers targeted energy into the structural tissue where the collagen resides, unlike lasers that penetrate the surface of the skin. Jennifer Aniston swears by Ultherapy® for keeping her skin looking its best.

Bring the youth back to your skin with Ultherapy®.Bring the youth back to your skin with Ultherapy®.

3. You want a safe procedure

There’s no need to stress about safety here – Ultherapy® has been used worldwide, delivering more than half a million safe and effective treatments. Professionals have been using ultrasound energy for more than 50 years. Plus, all of the staff members are medical professionals that are performing the treatments and have gone through extensive procedural training. You can feel confident knowing your Ultherapy® treatment will be as safe and efficient as possible.

4. You’re looking for a recovery with no downtime

Unlike an invasive procedure such as a surgical facelift, there’s no downtime with Ultherapy®! There are no post-treatment restrictions or requirements, so you can go about your normal activities as soon as your treatment is complete. You may notice minor redness on the treated area at first, but it disappears within hours. This is perfect for someone who has a hectic work schedule.

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