Bikini Laser Hair Removal: Top 10 most asked questions

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If you’re interested in getting laser hair removal on your bikini area you might have a few questions (who wouldn’t). No worries, we’ve rounded up some our most commonly asked questions when it comes removing hair from down there. Trust us, there isn’t anything we haven’t seen or been asked – nothing is off limits.

  1. Can I get EVERYTHING removed?
    YES! Even around back between the buttocks! As long as the hair is dark enough for the laser to see we can treat it. We can also leave a patch of hair if a guest doesn’t want all of the hair to be gone.
  2. Am I totally exposed during the treatment?
    No. We use drapes to make the treatments as modest as possible. We expose the areas individually as we work on them. Once an area has been treated, that area is covered again with the drape.
  3. What is the maintenance like in between treatments?
    Once the hair has fallen out, a process that we call shedding, the hair will be gone for about a month. 1-2 weeks before your next treatment you will notice the hair starting to grow back, a little thinner than before. Once it starts growing back you can shave or trim if you need to.
  4. Is it okay to be treated if I’m menstruating?
    Yes. As long as you are using a tampon we can absolutely treat you.
  5. Will it cause redness, itchiness or irritation?
    It is common for the skin to get a little red after a laser treatment. However, for most people this goes away within a day.
  6. Can men do this?
    Absolutely. We can remove all hair within the bikini area, even on the genitals.
  7. Will any discoloration or loss of sensitivity occur?
  8. How long does an actual treatment last?
    A typical bikini treatment takes about 30 minutes.
  9. Will it work on c-section scars?
    Yes, our lasers work even on hair growing out of c-section scars.
  10. Can I go to the beach/pool in between treatments? Will chlorine, sand or salt water affect the area?
    You can absolutely enjoy the beach and the pool! However, it is important that the treated area have little to no sun exposure. Don’t forget the sunblock! Immediately following your treatment, the skin may be a little more sensitive to chlorine, sand and salt so we would recommend to avoid those until any irritation has gone away.