What It’s Like to Get Laser Hair Removal on Your Face?

Laser Hair Removal on Chin

Laser Hair Removal is the most common laser therapy and the third-most commonly
performed procedure, with more than one million treatments done per year. The face is
one of the most popular areas for Laser Hair Removal, and for obvious reasons. After all,
not everyone will see your stubble-free bikini line, but most people will see your face —
and the hair that’s growing from it.

If you’ve been contemplating Laser Hair Removal for your face, you’ve come to the right
place. At Ideal Image, our talented team of highly trained and certified medical
professionals have performed thousands of Facial Laser Hair Removal treatments, and we
know just what questions you want to be answered. Read on to learn more about what it’s
like to get Laser Hair Removal on your face and how to prepare for Laser Hair Removal

Is Facial Laser Hair Removal More Painful?

Laser Hair Removal uses highly-concentrated energy to target individual hair follicles and
emit pulses of light that stop hair growth. Most people compare the sensation of Laser Hair
Removal to the feeling of a rubber band snapping against the skin. You may feel a slight
sting with each pulse of light; however, the sensation is no more painful than traditional
hair removal, especially waxing

Many people worry that Laser Hair Removal is more painful on the face than other areas of
the body. Well, that’s both true and false. Laser Hair Removal is more painful in treatment
areas with thinner skin. The skin across the face varies in thickness, so the level of pain will
vary, too. Fortunately, any amount of pain is often very short-lived and alleviated within
just hours. The lasers we use at Ideal Image release a blast of cold air simultaneously with
each pulse which helps alleviate pain compared to other providers.

Laser Hair Removal: Lip 

Upper lip Laser Hair Removal is often the most painful area on the face, as this is where the facial skin is the thinnest. For most women, Laser Hair Removal for the lip can be achieved quite quickly, as there are fewer hair follicles in the area.

Laser Hair Removal: Eyebrows

Female Laser Hair Removal for the face typically involves the eyebrows, an area that’s much less sensitive than the upper lip. Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal is also less painful than other methods of hair removal, including waxing and tweezing, and may cause fewer ingrown hairs. 

Laser Hair Removal: Chin

Laser Hair Removal for the chin is the least painful area on the face. The skin around the chin is much thicker than other areas, like the upper lip, so treatment is practically painless. Bear in mind, treatment may be more painful if the area has more hair to remove, like a full beard.

What Differentiates Facial Hair from Body Hair? 

Body hair is typically denser and darker than facial hair, which makes it easier for laser technology to pinpoint and remove. The prickling sensation experienced during treatment is often more intense for coarser, thicker hair. For these reasons, Laser Hair Removal on the body may incur more temporary discomfort than on the face; however, neither treatment causes long-term pain.

Is There a Skin Reaction After Laser Hair Removal? 

Some clients experience a minor skin reaction after Laser Hair Removal, particularly redness or swelling in the treatment area that subsides within a few hours. Most, if not all, of the irritation can be soothed with an Aloe Vera gel or frozen ice pack applied directly to the treatment area. We also offer this Laser Enzyme Gel which aids in recovery and helps soothe the skin.

Likewise, exfoliating the area beforehand can help reduce the risk of a reaction post-treatment. In the long-term, Facial Laser Hair Removal can actually help lessen the number of breakouts or blemishes in the treatment area, since it lessens the risk of ingrown hairs. Wearing a medical grade sunblock with SPF will also help keep the skin safe between treatments and reduce chances of discomfort.

Does Laser Hair Removal for the Face Require More Treatments?

Laser Hair Removal requires a series of treatments, regardless of the treatment area, but results can be seen as soon as the first treatment. Hair in the treated area will begin to fall out over the course of one to three weeks, and fewer hairs will grow back with each treatment. For the ultimate Laser Hair Removal face before and after, it will likely take three to five treatments on average. 

Have More Questions About Facial Laser Hair Removal?

From how much is Laser Hair Removal for the face to upper lip Laser Hair Removal cost, it’s likely you still have a few more questions about Facial Laser Hair Removal. The Specialists at Ideal Image are always here to help. Schedule your complimentary consultation today to meet with an Aesthetic Consultant in person or discuss your needs virtually seven days a week, free of charge. We can help you get rid of facial hair for good.

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