An Honest Conversation about Facial Hair

Meet Melissa

“Facial treatments we can do very quickly…go back to work and nobody knows the difference!” ~ Melissa

We went behind the scenes with Melissa, an Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal Specialist while she performed an upper lip treatment. It was extremely quick (the guest was on her lunch break!) and we asked all the questions we know you want the answers to.

Q: Do you see a lot of women coming in to get facial hair removed?

Melissa: It’s actually one of our #1 treatments for females, specifically the upper lip.

Q: So, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, right?

Melissa: Absolutely not.

Q: What other areas do you treat on the face?

Melissa: We treat the jaw line…the sideburns, the cheeks, anywhere but the scalp.

Q: Does it hurt at all?

Melissa: No, it actually feels like a little bit of warmth… kind of like a rubber band hitting the skin.

Q: When will she see results?

Melissa: Somewhat immediately…but the magic happens about 1-3 weeks after the treatment when the hair underneath the skin which the laser just treated pushes out. Once it pushes out, they get several weeks of little to no hair growth until their next treatment.

Just like that, the treatment was over – no pain, but all gain. To find out more, schedule your free consultation today.