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We’ve expanded our Restylane and Juvéderm lines of fillers. We now offer Restylane Lyft for the hands, Vollure for the cheeks, and Volbella for the lips and lines around the mouth. With these new options, we’re able to customize treatment plans even meet any variety of needs and goals.

Get that extra little 'oomph' you never have to reapply.

As we get older, we tend to lose that little extra something—that glow on our faces that makes us feel like the best version of ourselves. (Trust us, we know.)

That’s where Restylane and Juvéderm come in. They’re non-invasive fillers that instantly smooth away wrinkles (like those smile lines), plump up your lips, and restore lost volume in your face.

Restylane Lyft, a slightly thicker substance, is great for deeper wrinkles and to add a boost of youth to aging hands. Hey, everyone’s got their thing and whatever it is, you can expect a fresher, more youthful appearance. And a more amazing you.

How does Restylane & Juvéderm work?

Restylane & Juvéderm are clear gel like substances composed of hyaluronic acid, a substance that naturally exists in the body. While hearing the word "acid" may sound scary, hyaluronic acid isn't harsh or damaging at all, in fact it's the opposite.

Within the human body, large amounts of hyaluronic acid are found between the cells, where it provides skin with its youthful suppleness and moisture. Unfortunately, our bodies own natural levels of hyaluronic acid decrease with age.

Due to the decrease in hyaluronic acid as we age, combined with other factors, the facial muscles become closer to the surface of the skin, resulting in the increase appearance of wrinkles and smile lines.

When you receive a treatment with Restylane or Juvéderm, the lost hyaluronic acid is added back into the skin, restoring the lost volume to smooth those unsightly wrinkles or add fullness to thin lips.

Restylane/Juvéderm FAQ's


Are dermal fillers safe?

There are minimal risks associated with dermal fillers, most of which can be avoided by choosing an experienced injector, such as one of the medical & nursing professionals at Ideal Image. All three of Restylane, Perlane and Juvéderm are FDA-approved for adding volume to the skin in patients over 21 years of age.


How long do dermal fillers last?

Juvéderm XC is the only hyaluronic acid filler FDA-approved to last up to one year with optimal treatment.

Restylane and Perlane effects are slightly shorter in duration, generally lasting about six months before gradually disappearing from the body.

With repeated treatments, the effects of all three of our dermal fillers can be prolonged so you never have to stop looking and feeling your best.

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